Rewind back to Rabbits

I know it is a little bit late - but here is an image of a JUMBO paper mache carrot I made for my dear friend. I made two and gave them to her on Easter, hence the late images. The bunnies are pieces that she collects, they are really amazing pieces created by Cathy Pendleon of the Cheswick Company. This bunny is at least 5' and is wearing vintage children clothes. She really needed some BIG carrots to munch on!
- Sweet B



OK GLITTER GIRLS, lets talk sparkle!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a penchant for all things sparkly (its the magpie in me!). In my workspace I am surrounded by sparkly treasures, and even though I am a full grown woman, I still find myself sifting through my costume jewelry stash and picking out my favorite pieces or running my fingers through bags of sequence to see the light hit it a certain way. WHY IS THIS?

Is there a name for this partiality towards glittery and shiny things? Would this fascination with sparkles be considered a fetish?

When I was a kid, my favorite t-shirt was a kelly green one with a huge iron on glitter transfer that read "Gooseberry" . The design came complete with prismatic gooseberries in a glittery gooseberry patch. It wasn't MY t-shirt by the way, it belonged to my best friend, but I coveted it in the worst way.

Recently, I found a seller on e-bay with an entire line of those glittery iron-on transfers (circa. 1980's) - it took every ounce of will power not to bid (we have a temporary moratorium on e-bay in my house - but that's a topic for another posting).

In reality, I know that having large glitter designs pasted across my middle aged chest is tacky, but the desire for the pretty glitter overrides good sense and good taste every time.

Luckily my careers have led me down glitter encrusted paths. Working in the events industry let me play with glitter on a grand scale (we are talking pounds of the stuff!), and now my art work lets me dabble with vintage glitter, costume spangles and vintage jewels - no wonder I am so happy doing what I'm doing.

Thankfully glitter and "bling"are in right now, half of my days are spent walking around with glitter granules in my hair, on my nose or under my fingernails. I like to think that I look fashionable with my strategically placed sparkles. My husband , however, tells me I look like I work in a strip club!

I know I'm not alone in this obsession with shimmer. Reading other blogs reassures me that there are plenty of other girls who would gladly spend their pocket money on strands of tinsel or bags of glitter. So, if you pass a girl on the street who shimmers when the sunlight hits her - smile - she's one of us..... a GLITTER GIRL!

Happy Sprinkling!

- Sweet B.

Click the link below for some "old school glitter" http//


Hippity Hoppity Lolli Poppity

Here is my latest banner, just in time for Easter! ....Forget Easter Eggs - this bunny is going straight for the sugar (my kind of guy).

Bunny Lollipop can be found at Sweet Liberty, a wonderful Folk Art store located in the Scottsdale Borgata.
Stop by if you can, there are so many amazing OOAK Folk Art pieces to see. I am honoured to have my little banners displayed along side the work of such talented and famous artists. Sweet Liberty also has a wonderful section of the store dedicated to fabulous wall coverings! The vintage styled wallpapers are my favorite (I would LOVE to get my hands on one of the sample books).

If you would like to buy this banner, or have any questions for me, please send me an e-mail.
ALSO......Since I am new to the Blogging scene I would love any feedback, suggestions, comments or chitty chat from you!

Well, back to working on my own Easter projects for family and friends - those baskets aren't going to fill themselves you know!

Sweet B.


Glitter and Grunge Listing

Hello friends,

I am grateful and thrilled to be a member of Glitter and Grunge! YAY. Glitter and Grunge is a wonderful online site with a really great group of artists who list new work on the first of every month.

These two items are currently on the Glitter and Grunge website: Please take a look.
The glass candy jar is a very special piece and stands about 18" tall. Mr. Bunny is holding a vintage shower favor (circa. 1970's), and is embellished with vintage jewelry flowers.
The Easter banner may be hung outside or in, and is the perfect size to hang on a door as well. it is 36" long when suspended from the dowel. Make sure to look at all of the artist links on Glitter and Grunge, there are so many cute Easter and Spring creations/temptations.

I will also have some pieces in "Sweet Liberty", a neat little folk art store located in the Borgata of Scottsdale. These pieces should be up by the end of the week.



Candy of the Month

Due to my vast experience as a candy connoisseur, I am going to post a featured candy of the month for your enjoyment.
How could this month's candy be anything but the word famous PEEPS!
Peeps come in a variety of colors but EVERYONE knows that yellow taste the best. Personally I like my peeps a little bit stale, this gives them more texture and chewy-ness.

Peeps also taste quite good frozen and can be popped onto a stick, dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in coconut.

I, personally, am not very jazzed by the holiday versions such as snowmen or pumpkins. Seriously, why would a pumpkin be called a Peeps? Peeps are made in the good ol' USA, and it is possible to fit an entire double box into your mouth at one time.

Enjoy your Peeps