Celebrate 365

Hey! Guess What!!
I just found out I that my work is being mentioned (twice) in the upcoming issue of
Yippeee - Celebrate 365 is a great magazine for anyone interested in
Holidays and collectibles.
Be sure to check it out!
- Sweet B

What IS it about candy anyway!

We all have different things that inspire us creatively. For me, candy has always been an inspiration - the bright colors, fun shapes, amazing textures, and silly names... all this AND a sure fire sugar rush! - I mean, can you beat that?

As a child I dreamed of having a candy dress - pink bubble gum wrappers would make up the dress, with lollipop buttons and a crinoline of golden "Crunchie bar wrappers". A candy button belt (see previous posting) and licorice "trim" to finish (twisted to look like rick-rack).
Sound elaborate? Hey, I didn't even mention the cellophane "lace"..... Believe me, I spend a lot of my childhood designing that dress in my imagination.
Candy boxes and wrappers are inspiring too - have you ever really looked at the boxes stacked up in the drugstore candy aisle? - bubbly letters, rainbow writing and wonderful anthropomorphic candy "people" cavorting across glossy boxes ... feel inspired yet?
Candy is featured in some of my "sweetest" childhood memories: Finding half-melted chocolate eggs at Easter. Convincing my brother that if he buried his bag of gum-drops a gum-drop tree would grow (and then digging it up when he wasn't looking and eating the gum-drops - what a rotten sister I was). I can even remember the excitement I felt during my first visit to Baskin Robbins - watching as a big scoop of
bubble gum ice-cream was placed on top of my cone!
Candy is one of the main reasons I love Halloween so much! - can you name any other time of year when it is publicly acceptable to fill your shopping cart with candy? Or for kids to come home from trick-or-treating with PILLOW CASES full of chocolate coated sugar bliss???

Everyone has their "THING" - you know, the one thing that really gets you "fired up". For me it has always, without a doubt, been candy!

Amazingly I only have two cavities.
...just goes to show.. can have your candy and eat it too!

Eat your candy!
-Sweet B


Come and Play with Me!

Hey ! Put down the Wii and come and play with me instead!

Here are two more of my Tic-Tac-Toe games, this time with a Halloween Twist

(no batteries required)Both are currently listed on my

SpookyTime Jingle Page,

Along with these "Tweet" candy containers.

And this Precious Pair

- My Tribute to Edward Gorey

Stop by and take a lookie - make sure to leave time to visit all of the fabulous STJ artists - there are some wonderful pieces up for grabs over there!

-Sweet B


Spookytime Jingles and Spooky CK

It's a Day for Celebrations

Check out the latest from Spookytime Jingle Artists, Including a special "inspiration" update - see what inspires these wicked artists.....IF YOU DARE!

Friday the 13th also happens to be the birthday of the

Many Happy Returns of the Day Chris!
Did you know it's ok to eat candy for breakfast on your BIRTHDAY!

-Sweet B


What's New on Pfatt Marketplace?

Here are my Pfatt offerings for this month. Both are part of a series of "Games" that I am working on. These two cuties are the Sweet B version of Tic-Tac-Toe.
Keep your eyes peeled for the HALLOWEEN and CANDY themed ones too!
Chick-Tac-Toe The Wooden game boards have been painted and distressed in bright Easter colors with Chocolate brown trim.Each game comes with 10 pegs - all individually sculpted and painted
- no two are exactly the same!

Up next - Spooky Time Jingles on the 13th
Trust me you do not want to miss this one - the special guest is spooktacular

-Sweet B


Candy of the Month

Ok - so candy hearts would be the logical choice! Produced by the Necco company, they are an iconic symbol of Valentines Day. Being the candy nut that I am , however, I prefer to highlight my PERSONAL favorite Necco brand candy....
Candy buttons, a gloriously beautiful candy.
When I was young I dreamed about having a dress made with a candy button sash.... come to think of it, that isn't such a bad idea.
Candy buttons were originally introduced by the Cumberland Valley company. The Necco candy company acquired the brand in 1980, which made them the exclusive manufacturer of this product in America. There are three flavors on each paper strip: Cherry (pink), lime(blue), and lemon (yellow). Candy Buttons come in two strip sizes: long and short. NECCO makes 3/4 billion candy buttons in the course of a year. It is also known as paper candy.
There is a special "Candy button machine", invented just to make this candy.
The First candy buttons I ever laid eyes on, were at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. I bought them at a gift shop, and then horded them (without opening them) for weeks. Candy buttons are great for sharing, because you can rip off a section of buttons for your friend, much more hygienic than offering someone a "bite" of your candy bar, or trying to "tear" your taffy in two with your bare hands. Candy buttons are a good value too, they take a long time to eat because you have to bite each tiny peg of candy off - one at a time. I especially love the buttons that are "swirled" they are usually found where the color changes on the strip.
To enter this months candy club challenge, simply post a comment about candy buttons. Double entries for anyone who actually BUYS and EATS them this month!
This month's winner will receive an original
Sweet B Candy Container
Good Luck everyone.
Eat your candy Buttons!
-Sweet B


The Winner of the January Candy Challenge

Ooooh, who will be taking home this set of
Sweet B Confections?
My husband selected the lucky number this time, AND the November Candy Club members were entered into the draw as promised.
and the winner is.......

Lori, from Retro Rudolphs

Congratulations Lori! Your malicious marshmallow, Belligerent bon bon and Miniature Sweet B Lollipop man will be sent off as soon as I get your address!
In the meantime, click HERE to see my sweet selection currently listed on Ebay.

Come back on Tuesday to see February's Candy Club Challenge, and have another chance to WIN a Sweet B Creation.
- Sweet B