Candy Button Winner

The winner of the candy button challenge is
From Vintage Palette Art!
Congrats Lori - you will be receiving your Sweet B Candy Container shortly!
Thank you to EVERYONE who participated! Look for another opportunity to win in April!
As mentioned - We are skipping the COM for March and will be back in April with a new challenge.
- Sweet B


Royalty in the House!

Look at THIS Beauty!
I snagged this FIRST in series of Original Paper Doll by Christopher Klingler (CK). She is simply divine in person - the detailing is amazing, and the antiqued finish is perfection! - now to find the perfect frame...

To see more of Chris's work - click Here!

I won "Marie" on Ebay, after several days of "nail biting". I want to remind everyone that Ebay and Etsy are two of the best places to buy gifts and goodies right now. In this economy we should all try to support our artists, and when you buy from an artist on Ebay and Etsy most likely you are supporting a fellow American! - Really, there is no comparison between something that has been painstakingly hand-made and something that came from an assembly line in China.
Another piece of Royal News!

Dani from SpookyTime Jingles will be hosting a booth full of goodies at the National Halloween Convention! - To be Held in KING OF PRUSSIA, PA. This is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to see fabulous OOAK Halloween Folk Art in person! The booth will be PACKED with eerie eye candy from many of the SpookyTime Jingle Artists! If you can go - I recommend trying to get there on the first day of the convention!

Off with her HEAD!

I realize I have not announced the Candy of the Month, or last month's winner. I'm afraid that I have been swept up in "MARCH MADNESS" .... not the sporting kind mind you!

Getting ready for the Convention, finishing custom orders and life in general has consumed more of my time than expected! I still have a lot of unfinished business to take care of this month - so I will be announcing the winner of the Candy Button Contest tomorrow, but we will take a break from candy for March and Return in April with a "Dump your Easter Basket" candy contest! Truth be told, although we will be "taking a break from candy" - I have already sampled all of my Easter favorites AND cleaned out my secret candy stash (hidden in my studio)

- stress tends to do that you know!

- Sweet B


Gallery Hop Anyone?

Prim and Whimsy Girls
are hosting a Gallery Hop right now!
Head on over to the Prim and Whimsy Girl website to view some fantastic buys.
Give yourself time to shop - these ladies have filled their galleries with some primsical, whimsical goodies.
This is the first of many "hops" that will be hosted by Prim and Whimsy Girls.You can also find their work by using PWGL in your next Ebay search.

- Sweet B