Candy Candy Candy

This just in..... the Sweet B Candy of the Month will be resuming October 5th!! - so loosen your belts, double up on the cavity fighting toothpaste and get your tastebuds ready!

To celebrate the renewl of our Candy Club, I will have some fantastical prizes and a big Sweet B Buffet Bonanza for everyone to dig into!

So be here, or be a sugar free square!
In the Meantime...
...You can tell Halloween is getting close
the Sweet B Lollipop men are getting restless
These three are on their way up to the White Mountians - hopefully someone will want to adopt these rotten little candies!
A Sweet B pumpkin lollipop holder.
TTFN -Sweet B


Where oh Where is the Wandering Witch

SORRY you have NOT FOUND THE WANDERING WITCH But if you do - you will be eligible to win this little lady
Sweet B Candy jar with sculpted cork bottom stopper. I have used vintage fabric for the collar and she is really giving you the evil eye - do you dare to take candy out of this jar?

So - Fly back over to the EHAG ART BLOG and try another EHAG artist!
Happy playing!

-Sweet B


Updates, Challenges and Games...Oh My!

Just a quick peek at some of my latest offerings...
Halloween Mushroom Candy Containers on Pfatt MarketplaceMade with cotton batting and drizzled with mica glitter for sparkle, wouldn't these look cute at a Halloween placesetting.

Midnight Halloween Clock, also on Pfatt Marketplace. Inspired by a vintage Halloween Invitation, I have added my own "twist"; three dimensional features and a convex piece of vintage clock glass on the lid of this wooden box. Poem painted around the box reads;

"At twelve O'clock on Halloween, many strange things can be seen".
Box includes a mouse ornament for your Halloween Tree.
Vintage "style" snowman.

Mini bottle brush wreaths and vintage millinery flowers add a special touch.
For Halloween....
More homages to the vintage candy container.

Black Cat Candy Containers, painted with traditional milk paint and buffed with wax.

The Artists of EHAG are planning some Wicked Fun!
This month's EHAG challenge theme is WITCHES!
Look for another EHAG blog game towards the end of this month, this time you will be searching for the "Wandering Witch" - great prizes and lots of fun! Details to come.
That's all for now! I will be holding another Candy Club Challenge for the month of October -so get your sweet teeth ready!
-Sweet B