November Candy Club Challenge

Since fall is here, I have chosen a type of candy that will fit right into
your Harvest Cornucopia

This month the Candy Club Challenge is
What's that you say? Fruit is not a candy!
well....Sweet B says it is....

For this month's challenge you have to eat, make,
buy for yourself (or your loved ones)
one of the following:

Candied fruit - Ahhhhh yes, it's fruit, so it should count as something good for you -BUT - it's drenched in sugar, so it's really baaaaad for you! I will be attempting to make candied sliced grapefruit and oranges THEN dipping them in chocolate - double points for me!~

Chocolate dipped fruit - easy to make - Oh so easy to eat! Try mixing peanut butter in with the chocolate before dipping bananas or strawberries!

Fruit jellies or any kind of candy made with fruit juice - aplets and cotlets are my personal favorites! As you may or may not know, I have my own classification system for Candy - Fruit Jellies fall under "Grandparent Candy" - but that's a discussion for another day.
Marzipan Fruits - An acquired taste- but one worth acquiring!

~the prize is a Sweet B Candy Container~
it is not quite finished so I should be posting it up in the next 4 days.

To enter, simply post a confectionery comment about one or all of the four fruit treats mentioned above!
Eat your Fruit!
To become an official Candy Club Member - simply sign on as a follower and participate in the challenges... in other words... EAT YOUR CANDY!
-Sweet B


Happy Halloween

Here is how we spent the Halloween Afternoon...

...Taking these
Adding this..
Tons of sugar and some H20....
An hour later and we have these beauties "Red Hot Candy Apples"

Why does baby cookie look so scared??Perhaps because this guy spent the night trying to nibble his toes!A good time was had by all... now that everyone is tucked into bed...
time to announce the winner of the BONUS Candy Club Challenge
the winner of the Candy Club Challenge for October is AwtemNymf, as you can see by her post the win is well deserved - TONS of candy at her house by the sound of it!

Check back on NOVEMBER 5th for the new Sweet B Candy Club Challenge!
(Winners are selected using a random number generator)
-Sweet B