New Tree Skirt for Halloween

Creepy Couture!
Double sided, 28" hand-painted Halloween Tree Skirt
One side of this large tree skirt has been carnival striped with iridescent silver and black, silver ric rack trim adds the final whimsical touch.

The flip side of this Halloween Tree Skirt, conjures up a fun black and white Halloween scene. The cauldron is bubbling while its mistress is flying the night sky on her broom. Vintage black iridescent fringe is layered with vintage black and white chenille braid around the edge of this skirt.
Hand painted with every attention to detail, sealed with polyurethane for durability and years of use.

The black and white side is studded with Vintage Austrian black glass crystals - they add an elegant twinkle in candlelight.

This tree skirt is secured with snaps, the plush bow and vintage button detailing add a decorative touch.

Listed on the EHAG EMPORIUM

$200.00 + Shipping

This is a beautiful piece and would make a wonderful addition to your Halloween Tree Display!

Please Email me to purchase: Sweetb@cox.net

Save the Date!

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It isn't pretty

20 odd days till Halloween and Vine, and just a few more till the Spookytime Jingles Soiree .... and I have a ton of work still to do!
Currently, my house looks like someone dumped HUGE bags of half-eaten Halloween Candy everywhere!
Here are some wip pics - some are blurry and I left them that way because blurry is how I am feeling right now... thank goodness for caffeine and candy - my two favorite Cs!Is it just me, or does this pear look as if he is afraid I won't finish him?
Hey - where's the butter
Yea, Yea - I know - the icing on the....
Candy Corns will be my specialty this year - having spent the last four months taste-testing!

OK - that's all you get for now - more sweets are on the way.