More Great Halloween Shopping

Here is another great opportunity to pick up some fantastical Halloween decorations and art pieces just in time for the big night!.

Len Bentham is having a week long blog sale and give-away, and there are some wonderful pieces up for grabs.

(This is my Len Bentham Halloween ornament - sooo cute!)
Len creates pieces that really looked as if they have come from your grandmothers Vintage Halloween Collection. Many of the pieces could be Halloween/Fall crossover which is a bonus because you can keep them out through Thanksgiving !
Click on the link below to visit Len's Blog
Happy Holidays

Happy Shopping Everyone.
-Sweet B


Winning and shopping!

Ok - without wasting ANY more time (it took me forever to draw the names) , here are the winners of the Sweet B Candy Club Challenge for October.
First prize: An Artful Life
Second Prize: Goat Goddess
third prize: J.Zeigler!
I would like to thank everyone who came to visit and helped themselves to my candy buffet!
Because you all posted with such enthusiasm I am going to hold a
Second BONUS Candy Club Challenge.

I want to know: What was the last candy you bought and ate! Did you share it? or did you hide it and save it all for yourself??
Post it here and you will be in the drawing for another Sweet B Candy Treat!
This one will be a "Fall" themed prize - since the drawing will be held on the 30th!
Good luck, candy competitors.
FYI - I currently have several items from the Candy Buffet listed on eBay... my eBay id is : Sweet*b* .... there's still time to get your hands on a Sweet B Candy or pie!
Speaking of SHOPPING!
Tomorrow is the October Spookytime Jingles Update -we have a VERY special guest who will be appearing, AND some super cool Halloween pieces that will be up for sale - get there early!
If SpookyTime Jingles were a brick and mortar store... there would be people lined up and sleeping outside on the sidewalk the night before for this one!

Here's Another great opportunity to snag some superior Halloween Goodies -
Lori Rudolph
over at
is having a blog sale this evening. Her work is amazing and it would be well worth the trip over to Loris blog tonight at 9p.m eastern.

Happy Shopping!


First Annual Sweet B Blog Buffet

Welcome to my
Sweet B
Candy Blog Buffet
It's a Confection Selection that's absolute perfection!
I hope you will pick up a plate a stay!
The Sweet B lollipop men are in attendance, and are dressed in their finest....

But they can't help feeling a little anxious.
"Don't pick me" they whisper with fear on their faces.
Perhaps you would rather help yourself to a Two faced Sweetie
These young candies have split personalities, a face on each side to express how they are feeling.
Mind you don't turn your back on them - they can be mischievous!
Two faced sweeties are not afraid of the dark... they give off a nice glow when lit from within.
Help yourself to a french gelle, real fruit juice gives these candies a Tart Twist!
Speaking of tart, Sweet B Lollipop babies have come out to play!

How Cute they are!

Care for a peanut butter whip?
Or perhaps some candy corn dots??

Oh look! What a delectable delight!
Kept under glass, we fear they may bite!
Oh My, a Cruel Crisp,Belligerent Bon Bon, and a Wicked Whip.

Hmmmmm, on second thought, I think I may try a caramel and some red hots instead!

Or some ghost Dots - delish!

Help yourself to a fresh pumpkin pie, they are hiding behind some mallow- whip pumpkins, under the cake stand!
You might want to hurry up and make your selection, these Sweet B Lollipop men are looking mutinous.

Here is a very special little Sweet B pumpkin pie, shall we lift the glass cover?
Oops, you seemed to have startled her...
She looks as if she may be hiding something doesn't she.
Ohhhh, she has her seedlings with her tonight. Skull lollipops never looked so good.
Miss Pumpkin is proudly showing off her sugar coated confections
Has anyone seen the candy corn?
There he is, what a dare devil!

He has brought his twin brother with him this evening, they will be hanging from the chandelier before the night is through!
Before you go, be sure to enter the
Sweet B Candy Club Challenge.
First prize: An Original 8" Sweet B Lollipop Man
Second Prize: An Original Sweet B Lollipop Baby
Third Prize: Artists Choice (sweet B gets to pick your prize)
All you have to do is leave a comment about the candies YOU would have on Your Halloween Buffet and you will be entered in the drawing!
The buffet will be open all week - coming back for "seconds" is encouraged!
Leave a comment and you are entered into the drawing once
Become a follower and you are entered twice
Blog about the Sweet B candy buffet with a link to my blog and you are entered FOUR times!
Wishing you all Sweet Dreams!
(don't forget to brush your teeth)
-Sweet B
Feel free to email me about any of the items you have seen on the Sweet B Candy Buffet.