EHAG Emporium Exclusive

Witches Delight
Hand-Painted Halloween Tree Skirt
Double Sided
Side One
Witch, Crow and Cat silhouettes. Canvas is studded with Vintage Austrian Glass Crystals (milk glass color). Crystals add sparkle when hit with light. Vintage trim also has slight sparkle to it. Black Ribbon Ties fasten.
Side Two
Black and White Stripes will add a touch of Whimsy to your tree.
Orange Ribbon ties.
This is a large Tree Skirt - 28" diameter.
Vintage Chenille trim has has a touch of black sparkle interwoven. Black glitter fringe also adds a bit of twinkle.
Austrian Crystals are multi-faceted and catch the light without competing with the design.
lovely detail
Price $200.00 + 15.00 Shipping
(really, two tree skirts in one) A very nice Value.
Please Email me to purchase, or with further questions.
Comments welcome!


EHAG Emporium peek!

Ok (Len)- here is a lookie look at my piece for the March EHAG Emporium.
I was excited to finally get to use some wonderful Vintage Austrian Crystals that I have been hording for a while. The glass crystals look like polka-dots in this image - but they are actually multi-faceted and add a nice texture and sparkle without being garish.
Come back tomorrow night for the "reveal"



EHAG update

The EHAG Emporium Sale is on its way.
Visit the Emporium Website for details on a great giveaway.
My piece is done and I am so excited to see what all of the talented EHAG Artists have come up with this month! Remember, the 31st is the BIG DAY.


Sweet B Spookytime Jingles Update

Feeling a bit peckish?

Sweet tooth aching?

Well I have just the thing....

MMmmmmm doesn't that icing look delicious?

Oh no!... and he looked so nice in his little

frosting bow tie.

Cupcakes are all the rage....

What a harmless little fellow, seems a shame to gobble him up....

Yikes! this is one Mean Morsel! that fork looks sharp, and cupcake looks as if he won't be afraid to use it.

Head over to Spookytime Jingles to see what else is on the menu.



It's Pfatt time again!

Help yourself to a BonBon - now on Pfatt Marketplace! I have two of these sweet little cakes up for sale, add them into your dessert buffet...or perhaps they should be displayed just out of never know when someone might help themselves!
Stop by the PfattMarketplace to see all of the fresh new items for sale.
You will see this guy there as well.
This paper mache candy container is modeled after German Candy containers of the 1800's through the 1930's. Stores such as John Wanamaker in Philadelphia and Marshall Field's in Chicago imported German paper mache holiday pieces. Back in Germany the paper mache forms were often distributed amongst local families who finished them with paint, flocking, and even finely detailed clothing and accessories.
My little candy containter has been made in a primitive style, and is dressed in a little wool waistcoat and jacket. Millenery flowers flock at his feet.
See more of this "Old World Bunny" at the Pfatt Marketplace.
My Spookytime Jingles update is on the way too! Stop by on the 13th to see new Sweet Goodies from Sweet B FOlk Art!


Under the Weather

My Family and I have been playing a fun little game we like to call
Pass the Flu.
Some of you may be familiar with this game; there are no rules, children seem to be really good at it ... and let me tell you ... being the "winner" is not all it's cracked up to be!
One "bonus" to pass the flu is that game participants get to stay up till the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you might just see something like this.
I am usually a night owl - I didn't know Sunrise could be as beautiful as SunsetIs it just me...or do these clouds look like cotton candy?

There was a silver lining to these pretty pink puffs...... I have been invited to join the Artists at

Halloween and Vine

in Petaluma California.

This will be the Fifteenth year for the Show, which will be held on September 25th Wow! I had better get cracking!

Since I am still recovering from being the "winner" of our flu game , this months Candy Club will be postponed. Honestly, the only "candy" I have had over the past two weeks has been in the form of a ricola cough drop..oh yea.. and some lemon heads - they have vitamin C right?.

February's winner was Aytmnymph - congratulations lady

her second win I believe!

Stay tuned for April - we will be having another thought provoking "dump your Easter basket" discussion!