The Candy Machine of my Dreams!

Take one sparkling, glass glitter encrusted candy machine.... Add a pinch of frost....
A dash of pumpkin spice...
and a sugar loving rabbit,
and what do you get?
My Spookytime Jingles piece for February!
This is one great candy machine! - tip the handle and candy spills out into your hand - no money needed (like I's great)
Made from metal, it is nice and heavy. I have given it a thick coat of glass glitter that will only get better with time.
Each Character is designed to fit snugly on top of the machine.
This is a three season candy sensation folks!
- if you are like me you can imagine it filled with M&Ms in seasonal colors to match each character.
see more and do the "STJ Circuit" -
The only kind of circuit training you can do with a donut in your hand!


Spookytime Jingles Update is on the Way

This month's Spookytime Jingles Update includes an Easter Hootenanny!

I have created a piece that can be displayed for Halloween, Easter AND Christmas... can you guess what it is??

Mark your calendars - only three days to go!

February Candy Club Challenge

Candy Club Prize of the Month!
A 'specially sweet Lollipop Baby,
This will be the ONLY lollipop baby that I will be giving away in candy challenges this year and he will be going home with the lucky winner of this challenge.

what do you have to do to win this scrumptious sweet?..
...Well, I told you I was going to do something a little different this month!

Yes, Yes, Valentines candy would have been the obvious choice - but then, where's the challenge in eating chocolate hearts in February?

The challenge this month will test your "up close and personal" knowledge of candy.

There are two candy images below, - the challenging bit comes when YOU have to email me with the name of each candy.
The winner will be selected at random on the 19th of this month.
Leave a comment too if you like! but don't leave your answers - this way everyone has a fair chance!
Image A.
Image B Both of these candies are on my "all time Favorites list". Well, there are actually quite a few candies on that list... but these are towards the top.

Good luck