The Winner is

Thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by and left comments.
Trick or Treat Street was so much fun, my only regret is that I didn't get to see all of your costumes....well.... I also regret eating three bags of cotton candy, but what's a girl to do? it was just so fluffy and sugary!
I will be resuming the
Sweet B Candy Club in November - so There will be more monthly chances to win Sweet B Treats and Sweets
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And now, down to business...
The winner of the
Mandy from Halloween 247
Mandy if you are out there - email EACH of us with your address!
Happy Halloween Everyone


Take a Stroll down Trick or Treat Street

Hello Friends!
My, your costumes are wonderful!
Are you ready to go trick or treating?
Well, grab your treat buckets, straighten those masks and lets take a stroll down
Do you see those lights at the end of the street? Something is going on in the abandoned lot on the corner!
It looks as if someone has set up a Carnival ...not just any carnival....
it's a
It's your lucky day! Candy Carnivals are very rare and don't stay in one place very long. This Candy Carnival will be here for just three days....
Come one, Come all. Walk through the tented entrance into a
Sugar Dipped Wonderland.
Everything here is free for Trick or Treaters tonight!
Let's take a ride on the Candy Coated Ferris Wheel
Doesn't the midway look amazing - shall we try our hand at a game of skill?
The Pumpkin Pie Toss looks like a good bet... is your aim?
Oh look!
It's a sideshow curiosity,
there is quite a line of people over there.
shall we see what the attraction is?
From the depths of the Indian jungles ...
...the magical, the mysterious...
Look deeply into his eyes....and he will hypnotize...
you are getting are getting very hungry
Snap out of it!
Here comes the next act..... A bevy of
Balancing bon bons
watch how they bounce and tumble - how do they keep that frosting on their heads?
Watch where you step, someone has spilled their popcorn...
What a shame, they looked like such
Sweet Kernels!
I feel a bit peckish, don't you?
This looks like a good place to fill up our treat buckets!
Look who is working behind the counter
Definitely Treats given here,
Candy Apple anyone?
What a Fresh character!
Nothing says CANDY CARNIVAL like some warm and fluffy
Candy Floss
Oh look, they have special colors for Halloween
It looks as if this Candy Floss might leave you with more than just sticky fingers...Yikes!
Are your treat buckets as full as mine? We still have to Trick or Treat down the rest of the street - leave room for more treats.
Perhaps if you come back you can pick up a few more goodies
(prizes for leaving comments/posts over the next three days)
Good Trick or Treaters are given surprises
Follow the instructions to qualify for prizes
Sept. 14th leave a comment on each blog to qualify for a prize from each artist
Sept.15th Mention Trick or Treat Street on your blog, with a link back to one of us, leave all three a comment about it, and you qualify for the days prizes.
Sept 16th Visit one last time and leave each of us a comment to qualify for yet another prize from each artist
Sept 17th One lucky Trick or Treater will have their name drawn(at random) from all from the comments, and will receive the GRAND PRIZE- an original art piece from each artist

*winners will be announced on each blog, each day*
**Check to see if your name is a WINNER, and email us to collect your prize**
You've come all this way, its a shame you can't stay...
but there are two other artists who want you to play.
They have prizes too and treats galore,
clink on a link to see what's in store!
Trick or treat with Happy Holidays
Trick or treat with Retro Rudolph's

Continue your journey down Trick or Treat Street
by visiting both of these artists!


Blog Giveaway on the 14th of September

Knock Knock!
You are all invited to a special Blog Hopping Halloween Party
Please Join
and me - Sweet B
For three days of Tricks Treats and Tomfoolery

All you have to do is show up on one of our three blogs on Tuesday the 14th and start the Trick or Treat Blog Hop!

Who will you meet on Trick or Treat Street?

Will there be Surprises?

Will there be Treats or Tricks?

Join us on the 14th of September and all will be revealed!


93 prizes for Halloween!

Join us for a stroll down Trick-or-Treat Street
Who knows who you might chance to meet.
Three lanterns are lit, three doors open wide
Visit each blog to see what's inside.

A trio of artists offer scary surprises
and plenty of treats, with THREE DAYS of prizes!
Stay on the third night to watch the moon rise,
and you will be eligible for our special Grand Prize.

So mark the date, the fun can't be beat
It's all yours for the taking on Trick-or-Treat Street.

Three full days of Tricks, Treats, and Tomfoolery
September 14th - 16th
Prize winners announced daily
Grand Prize winner to be announced on the 17th of September
(grand prize is an original work from each artist)
Brought to you by
Sweet B Folk Art