The Clock is Counting Down....

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

How can this baby not HEAR that???

His Watch must be Slow...

I hope he gets here soon...

I'm not very good at being patient!
-Sweet B


Candy Club Winner!

The Winner of the Bubble Gum Challenge...

Here's Jeanne's post-
My Fav is Bubblicious - either cherry or watermelon. And I love to blow bubbles! I used to chew bubblegum so much that I would get a cramp in my jaw! But the one memory that stands out is when I was about 10 or 12 I blew a huge bubble and it burst and splattered gum in my hair. My Mom fussed at me the whole time she cut it out. And I went to school the next day with the hair on one side of my face tremendously shorter than the other. But that didn't keep me from blowing bubbles! :0)

Jeanne will be receiving her very own Sweet B Lollipop Baby
Congratulations Jeanne!
(bout time - I know you have joined in almost every COM!)

The next COM challenge will be in July

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite Candy images for you to enjoy!

-Sweet B


New Goodies for June

Some new goodies from Sweet B

Sweet B
Pumpkin Pies
These Candy boxes can be found
Visit Pfatt to see the all of the fun offerings for
Jack O Lantern June
Candy Cones
Updated tomorrow - the 13th!
A set of wooden nesting boxes
Find them on my Spookytime Jingles Page
-Sweet B


Seeing DOTS and NOTS

Since my cream canvas couch would last about 30 minutes in my new studio/playroom, I decided to paint it and then give it a good scotch guard treatment. The couch is from Ikea and the canvas slipcover runs about $20 - so there wasn't much to lose....
So my slouchy white couchy went from this

To this!

I am currently working on pillows and a footstool to go with it.

my son calls it the Dots Couch.

Speaking of Dots

- I feel I must warn the candy consuming public about a particularly vile candy that is being sold in stores across the country.

First let me say, that I have a pretty high threshold for bad candy. I have been known to eat candy I found repulsive because it was the only candy around and I was jones'n for some sweets. This candy, however, would stay sealed in the box.......even if I was marooned on a desert island with it!
Firstly - the yogurt part of the dots is a weird flesh color - if you can get past that, the chemical after taste is about as far away from yogurt as you can get AND lingers for a looooong time!

I actually spat out the fifth one I tried (told you I had a pretty high tolerance) - the only way someone could eat these would be to nip off the candy colored end - which tastes like a regular dot.
Who came up with this??? Who tested this and thought 'yea - flesh colored yogurt dots - the next best seller!'???

Yogurt dots....Candy NOTS!

- Sweet B