Homage to Holiday Candy

Since we skipped the Candy of the Month this month - here is a little "taste" of what my Christmas Holiday usually consists of..... Hold on to your sweet tooth!
Striped ribbon candy, candy canes, cane sticks, sticks of gum, gum drops.
Gum balls, rum balls, Bourbon balls, malt balls dipped in chocolate, chocolate santas and white marshmallow chocolate snowmen.
white snowballs, white chocolate, white divinity candy, candy tins, candy boxes, boxes of chocolate dipped oreos, peppermint oreos, peppermint bark, peppermint covered in chocolate, peppermint kisses, peppermint patties, junior mints.
Mint thins, mint bark, minty mints dipped in chocolate, chocolate fudge, fudge patties, fudge bars, bar cookies.
Cookies with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, mint chips and peanut butter chips.
Peanut butter cups, cups of hot chocolate with cream, whipped cream, cream filled chocolates, chocolate oranges, candied orange peel.
Candied fruit, fruit chews, chewy nougat, nougat filling, nougat filled toblerones.

Kraft foods Toblerone, Cadbury Crunchy and Turkish delight, Mars Inc. M&Ms in red and green, Just Born Christmas peeps, Hershey Kisses wrapped in striped paper.

Striped ribbon candy, candy canes, cane sticks.......

Have a Sweet Season!

Holiday Blizzard

It's a blizzard alright - but not the snowy kind......
.... the so many things to do everything starts swirling around you kind!
Like everyone else I am feeling the crush of the Holidays, my poor blog has suffered as a result.
In my defense, I did have chocolate covered Santas picked out as the Dec C.O.M....but something totally stressed me out and I ate them all and never made it back to the store to buy more.
SOOOOooooo - the Candy of the month club will take a break for the month of December - and resume its usual confectionery calender in January.
Really, everyone is probably eating cookies and candies and sweets - so setting a candy of the month for December could be considered to be "cruel and unusual punishment"!
(The November Candy comments will be counted towards the January Candy of the Month, since I missed that deadline too!)

And now I will give you
A little visual tour of what I have been doing
We had a December Birthday in our house recently so I gave one of our Christmas Trees a Happy Birthday theme
Decorated with over sized candies and lollies, vintage gum wrappers ( I found some fabulous clip art on Etsy) and lots of vintage candy colored lights! Kermit the frog cake, made by Grandma, decorated by yours truly (four layers of icing - have I mentioned how much I love icing?)
I participated in a wonderful swap hosted by Vivian over at Viv's Whimsy - here is her "bi-polar" snowman. I thought it would be fun to make an ornament with two expressions, he is mounted on a stick and can be turned to the expression that suits - he is drenched in glass glitter and then covered with layers of varnish to keep it from falling off. His collar is vintage fabric and I used two vintage earrings to decorate his hat.

Vivian made this for me

isn't he wonderful!! I had expressed a desire to own one of her needle felted creations - and my wish came true. Upon seeing this treasure my Husband said "wow, how old is it?" - which is his way of saying it looks "vintage" - even if he doesn't realize it.
It is hanging in my foyer tree and I just love it!
I also made this little cutie for my Swap partner- Fran Parrigan-Meehan, a dollmaker. This snowman is NOT bi-polar, not knowing Fran well enough... I didn't want her to think I was too weird! Fran made me these adorable snowmen
such talent ladies!!!
ALL of my Holiday decorations are up - amazing, astounding, groundbreaking (usually finish a few days before Christmas)- here are just a few highlights

I also helped to organized a little swap for the Prim and Whimsy Girls
It is going to be a really wonderful little swap, really well organized. If you sign up now you will get a reminder in the new year. I will be participating, along with a slew of Prim and Whimsy Girl Artists - trust me.... it's going to be good.
My Spookytime Jingle offerings

These two lollipop men are EXTREMELY RARE!
Since everyone knows lollipop men originate from tropical climates - finding them out of hibernation is unusual. Both are up for adoption on STJ

I have my Glitter and Grunge items in the works and of course new items for STJ and Pfatt Marketplace. There is also another great give-away planned for EHAG in January and I will be posting info on that one as well.

I still have a TON to do - it is a "handmade" Christmas at our house this year and I have a wonderful tutorial from Sew Mama Sew that I am going to try.

- Seriously this has GOT to be a girl - WAYYY to much trouble from this one already!
AND I am craving Hotdogs with yellow mustard and sauerkraut and pink grapefruit juice for breakfast - no joke!
- Sweet B


Sweet B Snowball Circus

You've been invited to a day at the circus!
Pickup your tickets and follow me to Spookytime Jingles
there you will find
Sweet B Snowball Circus in full swing.

A collection of 6 Snowball Circus performers is on display for your enjoyment.
Snow cones and Cotton Candy will be served as refreshments.

don't forget to bring your mittens - it's COLD in this big-top!

-Sweet B

Let them Eat Cake and Read Blogs!!

Chris over at Designs by CK just gave me the Marie Antoinette award
"blogs to loose your head over"

I prefer to think of it as the
"Blogs to eat candy and cake in front of award"
Rules are:

1.Please put the Marie Antoinette picture on your blog.
2. Place a link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs.
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.

Here are 7 blogs that send me searching for seven layer cake:

Since I seem to be missing four layers I will just have to eat two pieces!

Randi at the Art of Happiness - seriously sweet stuff over there
Jenny at the Polkadot Pixie - her creations belong on the top of a HUGE cake
Vivian at Vivs Whimsy - this lady bakes scrumptious goodies with one hand and creates adorable works with the other!
Cathy over at Tadpoles and Teacups - She's from the South - SWEET TEA - 'nuff said
Jannelle over at Pumpkinseeds Originals - Adorable creations
Beth Quinn at Beth Quinn Designs - Beautiful work - as delicate as lace sugar cookies
Deb over at Hip Hop Jingle Boo - My idea of a visual "Candy Store"

Enjoy - and thank you Chris!
-Sweet B


Whoooooo likes Owls?

Here is a piece I created for the EHAG art challenge

Mr. Owl will be up for auction at 2pm on the 15th of November.
I really wanted to keep this piece - but since it was for the challenge....

The light bulb that lights the Hollowed out Stump creates a wonderful warm "glow"
Hmmmmm perhaps Mr. Owl is too comfortable - he may never want to leave!
Visit my ebay link for more photos! And check out all of the talented artists on EHAG who will be listing this weekend.
- Sweet B


Spookytime Jingles Preview!

It's time for the Spookytime Jingle Reveal!
Look who has been hiding out in the veggie patch! Mr. Butternut is looking a little alarmed - is he on the menu this month?
Acorn Squash thinks it is all a big joke.....surely no-one would want to EAT this cutie!
Squashy Pumpkin is a little disgruntled - he was very "put-out" when he was picked!
All three Candy containers will be making their debut on STJ on the 13th.

Mr. Snowman is delivering Christmas trees and CANDY, he will be appearing on the "jingles" end of Spookytime Jingles.
(to visit STJ now - click on the link on the sidebar)
See you on the 13th!
- Sweet B


Sweet Treats That You Can't Eat!

Here are some of my latest Candy Creations

Canvas Candy Coasters

Snowman Lollipop Trees

These two little candy boxes were Challenge pieces. The red "Joy to the World" was created for the PWGL Challenge, and the green "Deck the Halls" was created for the November 15th Glitter and Grunge blog challenge. Joy to the world is on ebay now, and Deck the halls will be listed in a few days! - both were created with vintage sheet music.

Stay Tuned for my Spookytime Jingles Goodies - should have some photos by tomorrow!!
Sweet B


Not ready for Christmas Movies?

Yesterday I was looking for a Wintry movie that would get me in to the mood for creating snowmen and santas - but didn't want to start watching the "classic" Christmas movies just yet. I found this movie


It was commissioned by the BBC in 2006 in honor of Hans Christan Anderson, and was aired as a Christmas Special.

This is actually an incredibly beautiful movie. There is a strange mix of animation and live acting which gives it a real fairytale feel to it. There is also some beautiful choral music that is woven into the storyline in an interesting way.

I highly recommend it, even if just for the visuals.

Two Lollipops up!

- Sweet B


November Candy of the Month

So I am a little bit late with this month's candy of the month! The truth is that I ate soooooo much candy on Halloween that I slipped into a sugar coma that lasted three days!

My Halloween night kind of went something like ... one Twix for the cute princess, two for me.....one tootsie roll for the 3foot high spider man, three for me....
as a result......I don't ever want to LOOK at another mini mounds bar again! Not to mention Halloween Nerds - what was I thinking??? They shouldn't be allowed to sell these things in such large quantities - its just plain irresponsible!

I seriously feel strung out from my sugar frenzy fest!
That is why I am going to clean up my act! BEFORE the holidays no less.
I pledge to eat right and lay off of the candy.
In honor of my new "Clean Living" ways - this month's candy will be

That's right, Grapes are Natures Candy. Sweet and oh so good for you ...


Come on - would I do that to you? would I do that to myself?? This month's candy is actually RAISINETS
Which could be considered grapes I guess, at least I think you could tell your mom that and get away with it.
Choosing Raisinets is sort of my way of paying homage to the bounty of November.

Raisinets were originally created by the Blumenthal bros. in 1927, who also invented goobers and snowcaps. Nestle bought the candy name in 1984 and updated the logo and packaging.
Whether you enjoy your Raisinets under cover of darkness in the movie theatre or hidden in the back of your closet - post about it and be entered to with this months prize! (prize to be announced mid month).Also - just want to mention that in the past I have been told that the candy of the month is "hard to find" - so I have chosen one that is pretty much everywhere. SO, unless you live on a vegan commune - NO EXCUSES! And if you ARE ACTUALLY dieting, allergic to chocolate, diabetic, or participating in a hunger strike - you can always purchase Raisinets for the ones you love! Anyone can join the candy club and be entered to win!!