Candy Candy Everywhere

OK - so no candy of the month for December - that is to say - no candy of the month for the CLUB - I, on the other hand, have eaten PLENTY of this candy this month and am still up at midnight making more for gifts!

I am sure there are many others up at this late hour, fixing bows onto packages, preparing food for family gatherings and cleaning the house for company - this month really sneaks up on us doesn't it.

We decided to have a handmade Christmas - with a Pajama gift swap for the adults (not handmade - thankfully) - and you would think that this would have alleviated the stress BUT..... I always think up things that are bigger than life, and I have spent the last week finishing up multiple projects... painting, sewing, cutting, gluing and glittering all manner of gifty things.

I have also spent some serious time in the kitchen making honeycomb, penuche fudge, coconut layer bars, a cake for my sons 3rd birthday, gingerbread and spice cookies, chocolate dipped rice crispies for my husbands office and some really weird applesauce Cinnamon dough ornaments that did NOT meet expectations.

Well, I am looking forward to next year, but for now - I am going to stop the madness, slowdown and really enjoy this beautiful Christmas with my family - which is now a family of four for the first time ever!.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

love and chocolate kisses from Sweet B


The Total Tree Package!

Check out the SpookyTime Jingles Collector's tree

Each ornament has been made by a SpookyTime Jingle Artist.

I contributed the tree skirt, it is painted canvas with felt rosettes and candy faces sewn on - tons of pom pom and ric rac too! There is also one of my "Two faced" lollipop men in the tree - he is "Christmas Flavored" and is about 8" in diameter. You can just see him peeking out of the bottom of the tree - he's a bit shy, specially around all of these wonderful STJ creations!
I can hardly believe that one bidder will be getting this tree - it would take such a long time to collect all of the ornaments individually!

Hmmmm, which ornament is my favorite? Well, I love them all, BUT - the topper really stands out for me - he is so darned cute!

How about you - what do you like best?
- Sweet B


Spookytime Jingles WOW!

Two fantastic Shopping opportunities from the talent over at Spookytime Jingles:

Come and celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas with some special buys - Holiday goodies specially listed on the Spookytime Jingles Website! That's right, these are in ADDITION to the usual update on the 13th!.


How long does it take to collect a whole tree worth of artist ornaments?

What if you could do it with one simple click of a mouse??
Well, now you can - An ENTIRE SIX FOOT TREE filled with ornaments made by Spookytime Jingle Artists will be up for Auction on eBay December 7th.

eBay ID: Spookytime Jingles

Seriously - this is really something else - I have seen some of the ornaments that will be featured on this tree -they are amazing!

I have contributed a Holiday Lollipop Man and a canvas tree skirt that has been embellished with felt, ric rac, and Sweet B Holiday Lollies.

More details to come.....

-Sweet B

Winner of the November Challenge

The winner of the November Challenge

Jeanne has been participating in the Candy Club Challenges since the very beginning (much to the detriment of her waistline - just kidding Jeanne)

Jeanne will be receiving a sweet squirrel candy container, as soon as I am finished with his little wool coat!

Honorable Mention goes to Len over at Happy Holidays! - he actually MADE his own almond paste - my kind of guy!

Stay tuned for the December Challenge - it will be a no brainer....
.... here's a clue: it rhymes with "Dandy Pain"

Congrats Jeanne!

- Sweet B