A high maintenance Broad

She's demanded more time
This Cranky Crone of mine
She will be sulking in the corner for the next month
while I wrap up a few commissions and orders, send a clutch of lollipop babies off to their new home, and organize my studio (again).

Lori's Crone is suffering a similar fate

Ahhh well - such is the life of a Cranky Crone.


Heaven in a window

On a recent Girlie trip to NYC I wandered by some pretty amazing window displays.
Nothing, however, could top this display from Louis Vuitton
Each piece was enclosed in a custom LV. bell jar - and tagged with a latin species name - as if they were botany samples.
Quite amazing work in my opinion A fancy fly

Faux Feline
Crab Clutch

Gives a new meaning to having a "snake skin belt"

Bunny Baggage

Ok - now when I die I want to be wearing one pair of these shoes and my coffin needs to be lined in that blue velvet!


STJ Update

Guess what's, or should I say
Who's for dessert! Check out This Month's STJ update
These Minty Mallows will be showing their faces!

Lime and blue raspberry... yum!

Isn't he just so "Sweet"

A Two Faced Sweetie
Happy Shopping Everyone!