Here are the photos of my contribution to the
EHAG ARTBLOG Ghoulish Giveaway!

This is a six sided paper mache box - each side has a different Halloween image hand-painted - a cat, bat, and two different pumpkins - the other two sides have star images on them.

The box is trimmed in Halloween tinsel and topped with a crescent moon man medallion. Inside is a hand-sculpted paper mache owl ornament with loads of detailing and vintage rhinestone eyes for a mysterious twinkle.
I have made ONLY THREE of these detailed Halloween Treasure boxes - One went to a dear friend, but you will have two opportunities to win one for yourself.....

Make sure and visit this week to win!
I will be putting the third box up for a door prize on the Spookytime Jingles website in November!
Given the state of the economy - who couldn't use some free prizes!!!!!


-Sweet B


Amazing Giveaway Opportunity

Do you Admire AMAZING Halloween ART?
Simply Salivate over Spooky Stuff?
Find yourself Craving Creepy Creations?

Then this is the GIVEAWAY for you!

EHAG is holding their first ever
Ghoulish Giveaway.

Details will be announced on the EHAG ARTBLOG on Sunday

This is an amazing opportunity to snag some last minute Halloween Goodies from some truly talented artists.

See if you can pick my piece from the pumpkin patch!

-Sweet B


October Candy Club Winner

We had the drawing for the October winner last night
I say we - because my Dad is visiting from New Zealand and he was given the honor of picking the winning name out of the candy bowl!
And the winner is........
....ROBERT! from Halloween Fanatic.
There were lots of names this month, and I wish I had a prize for everyone - but check back on the first for the new challenge and new prize.
Remember - you can't win if you don't play.... PLUS.. you get to eat the challenge candy ... so it's win/win right!
Robert - send me your address asap and I will mail out your beautiful banner for you to enjoy this Halloween!.
- Sweet B


Last Chance to Enter To Win This Banner

Ok Clubbers - this is your last chance to enter to win this georgous banner - I will be drawing the winner tonight between 8:30- 9:30p.m.! So you have limited time to post your comments about candy corn!!

I will be mailing the banner off to the lucky winner on Tuesday - so they can enjoy it for Halloween!

P.S. - I have eaten WAAAAAaaaay to much candy corn this month - I may need to think about going on a diet - Sighhhh.

- Sweet B

Summons to a Witches Tea

A strange box arrived on my doorstep on Friday Afternoon Who could have sent this intriguing package?The Western Order of Witches!
I hope my membership dues are paid up.

The 2008 Spell book 678th Edition.

A summons to the Witches Tea!
I haven't a thing to wear... I must conjure something up immediately

The Coven Key must be presented at the gate!
The Coven meets at 7p.m.

True Witches take great pride in their hats!

Each witches attire must reflect her speciality.....
.....Can you guess mine?
CANDY of Course!!

Has anyone seen

"Gather 'round boys and girls,
I will give you gumdrops and lollipop swirls.
In my crystal ball I see your fate...
....A trip to the dentist... don't be late!
A wave of my wand will guarentee,
You'll end up with mulitple cavities!"


The Table has been set!
At each place, a miniature cauldron full of sinister stew.
Witches must cast their spells as they add their "ingredients"

The kitchen Witch waved her wand and produced a magical feast.

Witches fingers, bubbling cauldrons, Bloody mummy stumps, and stinging nettle salad. And for desert.... Devilish delights and poisoned apple pie. Wash it all down with Monstrous Margaritas in Crystal Skull Mugs.

Each Witch was sent home with a prize!

Jumbo Spiders (made by Cathy Nash) - filled with wicked goodies.

All perfectly wrapped up and presented with boos and hisses.

The 2008 Witches tea was a great success!
(Sweet B Banner)

Thank you to my best "FIEND" and wicked confidant "T", for inviting me to the Witches Tea. The Evening was magical and left me utterly spellbound - YOU are the best and most creative Hag ever!

The End
-Sweet B


Candy of the Month And the BIG PRIZE

The Candy of the Month has been delayed by a few days (my sincerest apologies), so I have decided to make it up to all of you candy clubbers by making this month's challenge

Candy Corn!

I am sure most of you have consumed at least one kernel by this point- how do I know? - well they say over 20 Million pounds of the stuff is consumed each year- so the odds are good!
Candy corn was first created in the 1880s - it has many variations: Indian Corn, Reindeer Corn, Cupid Corn and Bunny Corn (none of these taste as good as regular candy corn) - Several companies make Candy Corn - personally I like Brachs - lots of little ridges for texture.

Here are some candy corn flavors I would like to see.

Fresh Cotton Candy on a paper cone
(the "paper cone" part is key!)
Blue Raspberry Slurpee
Plum So- without going on about it .... EAT YOUR CANDY CORN

I am announcing the prize today - and the drawing will be on the 20th this month - that way the winner can enjoy their prize on Halloween Night!

This beautiful "postcard" banner measures approx 3' x 3.5' - it is stunning in person...
...definitely worth the Candy Corn Calories!
This banner is hand painted and hung by dowel and ribbon - these banners may be used for many years to come and make a wonderful focal point over the fireplace or even on a door.

Anyone who eats 5lbs in one sitting automatically wins the banner and a Richard Simmons Intervention.

I look forward to your comments about Candy Corn.

Septembers winner will be announced on the 5th!~

- Sweet B


The Winner For September!

Ok - threw all of the Candy Club names in a bowl and picked one...... the winner is......
Michelle! from Gingham World!
Michelle was also my Swap partner for the Halloween Ball Doll Swap
- so I already have her address.
She will be receiving the set of four Sweet B Halloween Coasters.
Don't forget this month's candy is CANDY CORN (read the previous post)
SOOOOOOO Easy for you guys - and a really stunning prize!!
- Sweet B


EHAG Sweet Treats!

What a wonderful challenge from EHAG this month

Here are two of my pieces that will be listed on Friday...

Sweet and Sour Candy Corn Candy Jar. - This little guy is reversible -sort of a Dr. Jeckle Mr. Hyde thing going on here.

One side is happy to share the candy inside the jar -

the other side ... well, he might just bite the hand that dares to sneak a treat! The jar comes with a wooden scoop to prevent bites!.

-Check out all of the talented artists of EHAG - there are some amazing Halloween pieces being listed on Ebay.

May I offer you some candy?

Les Confections Horribles
Direct from Paris - a box of Dreadfully Delectable Delights!
This entire opulent box has been upholstered in orange silk - tied with a crepe paper sash and embellished with a vintage velvet millinery flower with hand-painted candy swirl center. The label has been painted on canvas, dusted with glass glitter and anchored with Dresden paper trim.

Hmmmm - how will you make your selection - they all look so delicious! check the guide to see which is which....

Terrible truffles, Belligerent Bon Bons, Wicked Whips, Malevolent Mallows, Cruel Cremes, Devilish Delights and Killing Krisps, Oh - they all look so good!!

Whoops! I forgot to mention the poison label tucked under the candy guide.... oh well "Death by Chocolate" isn't so bad.

- Sweet B