New Tree Skirt for EHAG Emporium

28" Diameter, double sided Halloween Tree Skirt

NEw this month for the Ehag Emporium

This Tree Skirt is completely hand-painted, sealed with varnish and trimmed with vintage fringe. Satin Ribbon ties on both sides.

On the first side, the Man in the Moon is Smiling at the stars

On the Second side, The Phases of the Moon - each Phase with a

different expression

Man in the Moon is trimmed with a black fringe - a touch of metallic thread adds sparkle

The Phases of the Moon are trimmed in a pale gold fringe with metallic thread and black detailing

Each Phase of the Moon has a different expression

A lovely piece - fit to grace any Halloween Tree for years to come.

Tree Skirts arrive signed and dated, with care instructions.

I am currently not taking any special orders for the Halloween Tree Skirts, and will be making a limited number this year.

$250.00 + $10.00 Shipping (continental U.S)

Pricing is determined by size, intricacy of design and materials used.

Thank you for shopping the EHAG EMPORIUM!


Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of my next EHAG Emporium piece

Yup, just a quick peek
Visit the Emporium on the 31st and


Time Flies

I have been thinking about time lately.
Time seems to be going by so fast... it seems only yesterday we were bringing the baby home from the hospital, now his ONE year Birthday is next month.

... seems only yesterday I found out I was going to Halloween and Vine and the STJ Soiree, now it is just a few short months away.
So much to do ... so little time!
What's a girl to do in the face of such a dauntingly swift passage of time?

Stop and Grab a few
Slow and Sweet Moments of course!
French Meringues need to be enjoyed with good company over a cup of coffee Who could eat just one?
Funny how easy it is to jump out of bed early when there is a good flea market to go to!
Here's another reminder... Christmas is just 7 months away!
Methinks I see the wanton hours flee,
And as they pass, turn back and laugh at me.
- George Villiers


STJ update tonight!

Here is my Spookytime Jingles Halloween Piece for this month...
...A hand-painted canvas Halloween Tree SkirtThe Trees are spelling "Halloween" in their creepy, tangled branches.
I used a really plush saffron colored fringe for this piece - and then detailed one side with vintage orange wool trim, the other with a fun grey/black trim.
Here is the flip side
The colors are a little different - but really, really stunning in person.
Look at these little guys, they have been just "hanging around"
waiting for the update to begin!
A set of three
Sweet B Folk Art
BonBon Baby Ornaments
I just love their swirly icing hair! I would just love it if my hair looked like that
(seriously, I totally mean that!)
Check out all of the Fantastic new art at

- B

New pieces on Ebay

My EHAG challenge piece is currently up on Ebay
The challenge was black and white - but I added a little color too
A fun Carnival hoop toss game with a
Halloween Twist!

Skull Skill stands about 26" high, three dapper skulls are waiting to catch the rings that are tossed.
I used some fabric from an old (we're talking 1920's here) dress to sew the bow ties - and I also used the jet embellishments from the dress to add a tiny touch of sparkle to the ties.

On ebay at the same time is this JOL hoop toss game
Also standing about 26" high

I think it is fun that they are both functional as a game and decorative at the same time.