Go West Go East

Two great reasons to travel... one will take you WEST... the other... EAST!

September 25th, 2010
I am so excited to be participating in the Halloween and Vine Folk Art show this year. The show has been running for 15 years, it's a fantastic show that is filled to bursting with Halloween Holiday Magic, and if that's not enough, the show takes place in Petaluma which is near the WEST coast in Northern California !

If you are planning on attending this excellent show, make sure to allow yourself a couple of extra days for sight-seeing and shopping. This area of the country offers some top notch shopping and dining...Here are a few of my favorite stops when I visit this part of Northern California:
The town of Sonoma is just a short drive from Petaluma, Sonoma has an adorable town square which is surrounded by fantastic restaurants and great stores and boutiques. Make sure to visit the Vella Cheese Company, an original creamery that makes some of THE BEST cheese ever!
My favorite is the Mezzo Secco, a partially dry jack cheese... and yes.. they sell whole wheels - it's that good!
The famous Napa Valley is also just a short drive from Petaluma - a beautiful drive through wine country will lead you past dozens of fabulous wineries - all of which are open for tastings and shopping. My favorite stop in Napa is the Prager Port Works - sort of tucked away and unassuming, this winery produces wonderful ports.My favorite is the Noble Companion - a lovely tawny port that makes an excellent gift or bottle for a special occasion.
The town of Santa Rosa is right down the road from Petaluma. I recommend a stop at the Charles Schulz Museum. The museum provides wonderful insight into the life and career of this famous cartoonist and an opportunity to see many of the original Charlie Brown cartoons. There is a great gift shop too - where you can pickup hard to find snoopy softies.

Of course it goes without saying that the city of San Francisco is worth visiting -two of my must-go to stops: the Fog City news stand - with over 200 chocolate bars from around the world you won't be leaving with just a newspaper!
And Cocoa Bella - a divine chocolate shop that displays chocolates by country of origin - a feast for the eyes and the taste buds!

If all that isn't enough... there is an Antique Flea Market in Petaluma on the Sunday after the show - so many great things to see and do.... so little time. More information on Halloween and Vine, Lodging and sight-seeing at Halloween and

If Northern California is a bit out of your way - perhaps a show back EAST would be more convenient. I am so excited to be a part of the first ever, Spookytime Jingles Soiree, a show that combines the magic of Halloween with the Spirit of Christmas.
October 16th, 2010

This will be my first time in this part of the country, but I have already done a little bit of research and am excited to learn that Titusville NJ is right, smack dab in the middle of Antique Heaven! Mercer County offers tons of Historical sites, high-quality shopping, antiquing and wonderful dining. Bucks County is right next door and also offers a plethora of antiquing opportunities.

The Spookytime Jingles Soiree will offer a delightful mix of both Halloween and Christmas Art Collectibles. Spookytime Jingles is also offering a unique opportunity to meet with the artists and preview the sales floor the night before the show. More details about the meet and greet are on the Spookytime Jingles Soiree website. I think the unique mix of Halloween and Christmas will provide an excellent shopping opportunity - not only do you get to snatch up some great Halloween collectibles, but you can also get a jump start on your Christmas Shopping!

So make your plans - book your hotels and join me at the shows!


Everyone is Doing it

EVERYONE is doing it!....Sharing their WIPs that is!
So, Here are my pieces all chalky and white and ready for the brush.
I am hoping to get some serious nocturnal painting done while we are having our family
get-away this year.
Lots of work to do but I am so excited to be participating in
I also have a little sum'n sum'n planned for September...shhhhh...its a secret but I will give you a hint... it does involve sugar, lots and lots of sugar!
Oh, and in case your are wondering... yes, I do bring my own candy on vacation.
Summertime Vacation selections include:
Watermelon licorice
Lemon Heads
Swedish Fish
Gummy Bears
and lets not forget the mountain fudge vendors.
Hope everyone is enjoying a Sweet Summer
- B


Home Shopping Network

So - I will admit it... I TOTALLY spend a big chunk of my online time "monitor shopping"
One of my favorite places to stop is Len Bentham's

Len uses the BEST vintage trims and accessories for his pieces (if only I had a stash like his)

He is working on some Serious Holiday booty right now and I can't wait to see what he comes up with - I would suggest saving him in your favorites and checking on a regular basis

These are some of his candy containers -

Amazingly vintage looking Shoes - divine and dusted with superfine art sand from Switzerland.I will be out to get one of Len's pieces this fall for sure!

Another stop on the Sweet B time-spending train is

for absolutely Delish hair accessories

This is another one to keep an eye on, they are getting ready to launch a new website soon...I am so going to be on that!

One of my all time faves is
Lori Rudolph
over at

Keep an eye on Lori's blog and Etsy Store...
....when she adds new items they are snatched up quick!
Her original postcards are totally Awesome and can be found on Zazzle.
Seriously - I want to order a few dozen for my Halloween Gift Giving this year.

OK that's enough.... I need to jump over to etsy and see if the aprons I ordered from 4 Retro sisters are ready...Did I mention I'm still in my pajamas? - Online shopping from Home is the BEST!


Happy Birthday STJ

WOW! 2 Years!!Spookytime Jingles updates tomorrow for the 25th Time!!!
Come and do the STJ Circuit and visit with all of the great artists gathered there
The 13th at midnight
Here are a couple of quick peeks of my work that will be on STJ this month....

There is also a Spookytime Jingles SHOW planned for October of this year
It is the first time the artists of STJ will gather to show and sell both Halloween and Christmas work in person!
Christmas AND Halloween One of a Kind art under one a historic town surrounded by antiques and fabulous restaurants......
Does it get any better?