Candy Club Prize and New Listing

Listen up Candy Clubbers!
Only 6 days left to post about your Boston Baked Beans!

Here is the prize for this month

Big Sis is finally finished.

I went a little more Primitive than I usually do - but I really like the result, the colors are richly layered and there is a touch of orange mica at the base.

Big Sis is sampling the first lollipop of the season.

There she goes "loosing her head again"

Big Sis has a companion piece that will be listed on Glitter and Grunge on the first of the month...

Meet Lil' Bub

Lil' Bub is also a candy container - you can see more of him on G&G after the first.

Hey! If you win Big Sis you will have a place to store those

Boston Baked Beans!!
-Sweet B


New EBAY EHAG listing

Here is my latest currently listed on ebay!

Hand-Painted Countdown to Halloween Banner

As you can see I had allot of fun making each disc different - I am sorry to see it go... but happy that it will find a home before Halloween.
I used Victorian jet buttons (really small ones) to hang each wooden disk.

My husband thinks the tree looks scary but I just love him .

There are more photos on EBAY
- Sweet B


Catching up!

I have taken a little time off of blogging in order to finish and catch up on some of my work! - each month I end up scrambling to get pieces phtographed and listed so I am hoping to avoid that "last minute rush" this time. ..... in the meantime I have received an award....

from Flora over at bonehead studios - thank you for thinking of me Flora!

this is such a nice surprise - these are my picks for some of my favorite blogs (ok - I totally stalk these blogs .. .but you will too once you check them out!) :

Beth Quinn Designs

I have also updated my "links" list to include some more talented artists and bloggers - check it out if you have time. If I have (inadvertently) left you off - or if you would like to exchange links just send me an e-mail.

- Sweet B



YAY - my first EHAG listing on e-bay starts tonight.

Here is a sneak peek.....

Patty Pumpkin Patch has come down from her fancy house on the hill to see the Carnival.


She has been watching the Carnival all week from her bedroom window - longing to sample all of the sweet treats the carnival has to offer.

Unfortunately, Patty seems to have received some Rotten Candy

- she'd better bite him before he bites her!

- Listing starts tonight at 8pm.

- Sweet B

Candy Club Reminder...Boston Baked Beans

Here is a reminder that the candy of the month is BOSTON BAKED BEANS. To read more about it - check out my post on the first of August.

To participate in the candy club - check out the rules on the right hand side of the page (your right)

TAN was the winner of July's prize - YOU could be the winner of this months prize!!!

-Sweet B


Pin Keep Swap

Here is what I made for my good gal pal Vivian for her pin-keep swap. I was fortunate enough to be drawn as Vivacious Vivian's swap partner. This little cutie is a flapper pin keep. I wanted to do something a little more cartoonish - but this is the end result, which I really like. Francie Flapper also has vintage paste rhinestone detailing and a vintage earring centered on her turban. She was sculpted from paper clay and painted with loving care.

The rhinestones were purchased YEARS ago at a flea market, they are sewn onto some kind of ancient fabric backing - I have never wanted to use them because they were so pretty and old -BUT - Vivian deserves the best - so this piece really has some nice vintage sparkle to it. I hope she likes it.
Vivian's blog is worth checking out - she is a total WONDER WOMAN though so beware -you may feel slightly inadequate after you read one of her posts. She has fun adventures, "whips up" teeny tiny little bears and creatures , and makes delicious desserts and pies without batting an eye. This lady is talented!
Now she is hosting a "Halloween Ball" doll swap - jeeezzzzz - I will probably have to join, it looks too cute! (and here I swore off swaps for a while!)

-Sweet B

Grand Prize Winner for July Candy Club Challenge

The winner of July's prize (Lewiston the lollipop man) is TAN - or at least that is what his/her blogger ID is - SO - whoever you are.... Congratulations.... you are the proud new owner of a belligerent lollipop. Please e-mail me with your particulars so that I can send Lewiston packing!!!

For those of you who didn't win, fear not! - there is a new prize in town....

....This months prize requires that you use a little imagination. Since you will be all hopped up on sugar after eating your Boston Baked Beans - I'm sure it will not be hard to imagine this piece finished! What's that? - you can't tell what it is??? - It is actually a pumpkin girl who will be holding a lollipop -she is a candy container (she's the type of girl to loose her head over the smallest thing!)
I promise she will be just as yummy as Lewiston but with a much sweeter disposition.

I will be posting a finished photo soon.

REMEMBER all you have to do is post about your experience with Boston Baked Bean Candies! - I had some people e-mail me directly last time - but really a post would be best (easier for me to keep track of every-one)

- Sweet B


August Candy of the Month

That's right baby - we're taking a trip to Bean Town!

Boston Baked Beans are the Candy of the month
(in honor of a good friend who is sending her daughter off to college in Boston)

Boston baked beans were invented by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company in the early 1930's. Peanuts covered in reddish brown candy coating, these tasty treats have only one thing in common with the real thing ..... the legume in the center!

Boston Baked beans are not overly sweet - the peanuts are sort of raw tasting and you can really eat quite a few before feeling slightly sick. I wonder what a REAL bean would taste like with candy coating???

Boston Baked Beans can be bought in a variety of sizes - starting with tiny .25cent boxes all the way to big five pound bags. They are available in most drug stores - so not much of a challenge this month - unless you are allergic to peanuts!

Important note!

-There are many impostors out there - the candy of the month is Ferrara Pan's Boston Baked Beans - Candy Club Members will accept no imitators! (this is serious business don't forget)

If you are interested in joining the club - check out the rules on the left hand side of the page - if you are already a member ...

-Sweet B

P.S. Drawing for the July SuperFantastic prize will be held on the fifth.

The Prize for August will also be announced on the fifth as I am still painting it!