What's for dinner?

The Onions were crying 'fore dinner tonight!

The Asparagus cheerfully accepted their plight...

the radish were ribald, rude and contrary,

the carrots were indignant, their faces quite scary.

Hurry up little veggies,
it will not do to be late.
You are invited to dinner...
take your place on the plate!

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Candy Confessions

Lets get honest!

Do you open closets in your home and bags of bulk candy fall out from the top shelf?

Do you have difficulty closing drawers in your home because of all of the candy wedged in the back?

Do you have a dedicated shelf in your pantry for candy products?

Do you buy "extra" seasonal candy because you worry you won't be able to buy more until next year otherwise?

... Then you just might be a CANDY HOARDER!

I bought five large bags of Candy Corn M&M's at Halloween and hid them so well that I can't even find them now (this is keeping me up at night, seriously... I can't sleep when I think about it)


I keep candy canes and Christmas candy in my pantry year round and get really upset if my better half even SUGGESTS getting rid of any of it ( I don't even eat it, just keeping it for "inspiration")


I think (ok, I KNOW) some of the candy in the pantry might be over 5 years old - but I'm keeping it for gingerbread houses that I never seem to get made each year.... that's ok right?
I am organizing and cleaning out this weekend - but, if I find those Candy Corn M&M's I am so totally keeping them!

Need to replenish your candy stash?

Visit - its my favorite place to shop in bulk (that way you can share your candy and not feel so anxious about running out!)