All Sorts of Sweets!

Licorice Allsorts are one of my

What's not to love... bright colors, the bite of licorice, a slight hint of coconut, and soft fruit flavors - YUMMY!

Original Licorice Allsorts were first produced in Sheffield England by Geo. Bassett & Co Ltd. , which was eventually taken over by the Cadbury company.
Alas! It is difficult to find the old Bassett's boxes and wrappers in the U.S. 
 Bertie Bassett is the sweet candy man mascot for All sorts
 Personally, I don't have a preference as to which combination is my favorite - they are all so delish... 
.... but the pink is particularly pretty don't you think?.

Here is my "Ode to the Allsort" 
Jumbo 2" - 3" paper mache Licorice Candy
 These sweeties will be listed on the 
April Pfatt marketplace update. 
Each candy has been varnished for durability. 
 Pile them up in candy jars, use them to decorate dessert buffets or hang them as ornaments (hang wire added on request)

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