September Memories Part One

I have just unpacked the last of my goodies from the "Whirlwind" that was

September 2011

Pennsylvania, Petaluma and many stops in-between

Here are just a few snaps of my trip to New Hope PA

for the STJ Holiday Soiree A wonderful gallery shop owned by a charming man who has knowledge of all things macabe and strange...
Whooo said you could take a photo?

Soiree after-party at the fabulous Frazetta Costume and Novelty shop

Lori has a thing for Reindeer!

This is one "CRAFTY" Fox

Mr. Fabulous himself!

Wendy and her Date for the evening

Sweet Jenny Hernandez at the SOiree Show

The Lady LuLu and her beautiful wares

Put a hatchet in me I'm Done!

These Lollipops love to travel

It was hard to sell this guy - he was one of my favorite pieces
Good times and Great Friends

Pics from Petaluma coming up next!


STJ Holiday Soiree this weekend

Soiree Bound!

Leaving today for PA - off to participate in the

Spookytime Jingles Holiday Soiree.

It has been a mad dash to the finish and I will be posting pictures of my work and the show when I get home.

This year it will be held in

New Hope, PA

I am super excited to see all of the wonderful Halloween Art and to enjoy the Historic sights of New Hope.

find details about the show

STJ All the Way

Come on over and check out the fantastic new art on the
SpookyTime Jingles Site

to see and buy wonderful new Holiday art.
the special guest this month is

Debbee Thibault

Two original pieces are on the site -
which is amazing since Debbee's work is so highly collectible, and the lady has got to be super busy with all of her retail lines.

Sadly, I didn't list any new work (still not feeling good) - but that hasn't stopped me from drooling over the fantastic pieces ...
I can't pick a favorite this month, so here a just a few highlights...
"My Brain Child" has a George Washington that is to DIE!
"Crescent Moon" has an adorable candle that I so want...

"Bone Head Studios" has a trio of fantastic Halloween ornaments
"Retro Rudolphs" has some truly vintage inspired pieces
"Skeleton in my Closet" I think I have an artist Crush on Josie
- her work is so amazing
"Paul Scott" has some seriously Happy pumpkins
"Doreen Kassel" is getting her DOD on

Really - there are too many wonderful pieces to name
- you MUST head on over and see for yourself... there really IS something for everyone on SpookyTime!


An unexpected delivery

To say I've been feeling under the weather for the last three months is a bit of an understatement!The fact is, I've been downright sick...
Candy hasn't even been on the menu!

Did I pick up a flu bug?

Or perhaps I just ate something I shouldn't have...

Well, the truth be told - the trouble started

here... then led to this....

Next thing you know we get a telegram from some giant bird....

We tried to keep him at bay - but to no avail!

Apparently, you can't outrun him either...

Let's hope he brings just ONE!
Should we be getting the chimney cleaned?
Hey - can I get one of those fully clothed babies who already know how to swim?
If only it were this easy...but with the price of postage these days it may be cheaper to do it the old fashioned way!


SpookytimeJingles at the National Halloween Convention

The Gang from

will be a the National Halloween Convention this weekend
Lots of
and perhaps even some Sweet
One of a Kind Halloween offerings up for grabs

I have already seen several pieces I would love to add to my collection.
Check it out on Facebook by becoming a fan of the Spookytime Jingles Fan page


May I tempt you

May I tempt you?

Just one more slice of cake? It is an old recipe, you hardly ever see Orange Scream Cake anymore Never mind the calories, sometimes we have to indulge, despite what the Dr. orders
Just look at all that yummy orange frosting
Oh well, if you change your mind I will be saving this piece for you over at


The road to Candy Heaven

the road to Heaven is paved in ... candy

I have been wanting to blog about my trip to Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC

but life has gotten in the way a bit. If the stairway to heaven looks like this - I may only make it up half way I have to admit - my pulse was racing and I found it really hard to concentrate in this store - just so many beautiful candy colors, bright wrappers and amazing displays. I did bring home a limited edition of the CandyLand board game - and one of these pretty paddle lollipops.
Jumbo suckers on the ceiling
You would have to be a total "dum dum" to attempt to finish that pop in one go!
Bath time anyone? This looks just like my bathtub, only not as many gumballs as I am used to .
I think Dylan's Candy Bar had some of the best cotton candy I have ever tasted, and the BEST selection of lollipops I have ever seen.

- no Cadbury products that I could find however, which was strange, can you have a candy store with no Crunchie bars?

BUT - the excellent selection of bulk candies and gummies went a long way towards making up for that.

I highly recommend putting this on your

"Candy Bucket" list

Two Pops Up!


A high maintenance Broad

She's demanded more time
This Cranky Crone of mine
She will be sulking in the corner for the next month
while I wrap up a few commissions and orders, send a clutch of lollipop babies off to their new home, and organize my studio (again).

Lori's Crone is suffering a similar fate

Ahhh well - such is the life of a Cranky Crone.


Heaven in a window

On a recent Girlie trip to NYC I wandered by some pretty amazing window displays.
Nothing, however, could top this display from Louis Vuitton
Each piece was enclosed in a custom LV. bell jar - and tagged with a latin species name - as if they were botany samples.
Quite amazing work in my opinion A fancy fly

Faux Feline
Crab Clutch

Gives a new meaning to having a "snake skin belt"

Bunny Baggage

Ok - now when I die I want to be wearing one pair of these shoes and my coffin needs to be lined in that blue velvet!