Ehag Emporium Piece

Halloween Carnival Wheel
Spin the wheel
test your luck! Hand-painted on reclaimed wood, this game stands 25" high and approx 21" wide.
Stand the Halloween Carnival Wheel up on any flat surface,
or remove the wooden feet to hang on the wall.
Spinner wheel has been hand-painted, and buffed
with several layers of bees wax for a deep shine.
Spinner images include: Ghost, candy apple, moon, pumpkin, rat, spider, owl, bat, witch, cat, candle, candy corn, skull, crystal ball. Spinner also has "Win" and "Spin"

Each image on the Spinner wheel matches up with a corresponding wooden chip. Each 2" chip has been hand-painted and buffed with bees wax.
Players select a chip from the box, and spin the wheel....
....if they are LUCKY - the wheel will land on the matching image.
The yellow chip box is attached to the game but may be removed for easy storing.
Game will come complete with game variations and instructions.
Signed and dated, this is a
decorative AND functional Halloween Piece.
$275.00 + Shipping
Email me with questions or to purchase
I will only be making four of these carnival wheels this season.
Each wheel will have it's own unique design -no two will be alike!
The remaining three wheels may be sold at Halloween and Vine, The Spookytime Jingles Soiree, and on eBay.
Thank you for shopping the


One Year Ago

One year ago our little Henry was born at 6:29pm.
He wasn't very easy to get along with at first ...
....but after a while he fit right in to our little family.
His current talents include: drooling, climbing and biting anything within reach.
Happy Birthday Baby- mommy loves you!


New Goodies on Spookytime Jingles

Just a few quick peeks at my offerings for
SpookyTime Jingles
this month.....

Stop by on the 13th to see more!



Ahhhhhh Summer!
Don't you just love the garden in Summer?
We have corn, eggplant, squash, sunflowers and of course....
Watermelon! There's nothing I love more than a big cool slice of juicy watermelon.
This one looks ready to slice right up!
Ooops, Excuse me!
Well Sir, you must be off to somewhere special in that dapper bow tie... ...but of course...
it's the
June Pfatt Marketplace Update on the 10th
I hope to see you there.


Pie in the Sky

After a run of pizza nights here at the Sweet B Ranch, I am feeling as if my little family deserves a real, home-cooked meal.
I usually let my local farmer's market dictate the evenings meal - whatever produce is fresh and in season will end up in our main course.
Since I haven't been to the market in a few days, however, my cupboards are bare.....

...and unfortunately, so is my garden.
The pumpkin plants are coming along nicely - but it will be a while before spiced organic pumpkin soup is on the menu.... The corn is growing taller every day - but narry an ear to be seen so far.
This lack of ingredients calls for some culinary creativity.
A home-baked pie can make a wonderful meal, served with a crisp green salad --heaven.
Betty Crocker always has the best pie crust recipes.
I keep my pie-crust ingredients in the freezer to prevent the dough from getting tough.
It is important to take your time when baking a pie, but also to make sure all of the ingredients stay chilled right up untill the finished pie is ready to bake. Since my Pantry always has a few standard staples on hand I find that I can easily substitute the fresh pumpkin and corn.
when filling your crust always let the ingredients settle loosely, this will promote the melding of flavors as the pie bakes.
It is also important to "eat from the rainbow" - Brightly colored foods offer an abundance of vitamins and minerals I like to toss in a little bit of "extra" color - just for fun.

If the color Green indicates high levels of vitamins in food, then the color blue must be REALLY good for you!
Once your top crust is in place, gently brush with beaten egg.
We only use whole, unprocessed or peeled foods at the Sweet b Ranch!
Into the oven at 350 degreesThe crust turned perfectly.....
Ooops - looks as if my husband and the kids have gone to bed, never mind.... we can have it for breakfast! there really is no better way to start your day than with a piece of pie and a diet coke
Nothing but the best for my Boys!
Happy Baking