September Memories Part One

I have just unpacked the last of my goodies from the "Whirlwind" that was

September 2011

Pennsylvania, Petaluma and many stops in-between

Here are just a few snaps of my trip to New Hope PA

for the STJ Holiday Soiree A wonderful gallery shop owned by a charming man who has knowledge of all things macabe and strange...
Whooo said you could take a photo?

Soiree after-party at the fabulous Frazetta Costume and Novelty shop

Lori has a thing for Reindeer!

This is one "CRAFTY" Fox

Mr. Fabulous himself!

Wendy and her Date for the evening

Sweet Jenny Hernandez at the SOiree Show

The Lady LuLu and her beautiful wares

Put a hatchet in me I'm Done!

These Lollipops love to travel

It was hard to sell this guy - he was one of my favorite pieces
Good times and Great Friends

Pics from Petaluma coming up next!