WOooo HOoooo

Spooky Time Jingles has launched!

Check out all of the Fab Christmas and Halloween Goodies that have been created by this fabulous group of artists!

Here is my Halloween offering - He stands just over two feet high! - I am a little behind the curve - away on vacation - but he is on the Spookytime Jingles site if you would like to see more pics.

Sinister or Sweet?

Visit Spooky Time Jingles to see more!

I will be on Vacation Untill the end of the month - Don't forget to chew your Fruit Stripe Gum if you want to win the prize!

- Sweet B


randi said...

I came to leave a post about Fruit Stripe Gum, then ended up looking back through your blog archives and inadvertantly left it on...the ice cream diet post, I think. Anyway, I ended up back here and this post didn't have a comment yet so I thought I'd leave one here, too! :) I had very much fun with my gum. My mother-in-law (who read my blogpost from today the about said Fruit Stripe Gum)was inspired to find some, too! Good stuff.
Happy Vacationing-

Tressa & Mark said...

I have yet to find Fruit Stripe gum...