Holiday Blizzard

It's a blizzard alright - but not the snowy kind......
.... the so many things to do everything starts swirling around you kind!
Like everyone else I am feeling the crush of the Holidays, my poor blog has suffered as a result.
In my defense, I did have chocolate covered Santas picked out as the Dec C.O.M....but something totally stressed me out and I ate them all and never made it back to the store to buy more.
SOOOOooooo - the Candy of the month club will take a break for the month of December - and resume its usual confectionery calender in January.
Really, everyone is probably eating cookies and candies and sweets - so setting a candy of the month for December could be considered to be "cruel and unusual punishment"!
(The November Candy comments will be counted towards the January Candy of the Month, since I missed that deadline too!)

And now I will give you
A little visual tour of what I have been doing
We had a December Birthday in our house recently so I gave one of our Christmas Trees a Happy Birthday theme
Decorated with over sized candies and lollies, vintage gum wrappers ( I found some fabulous clip art on Etsy) and lots of vintage candy colored lights! Kermit the frog cake, made by Grandma, decorated by yours truly (four layers of icing - have I mentioned how much I love icing?)
I participated in a wonderful swap hosted by Vivian over at Viv's Whimsy - here is her "bi-polar" snowman. I thought it would be fun to make an ornament with two expressions, he is mounted on a stick and can be turned to the expression that suits - he is drenched in glass glitter and then covered with layers of varnish to keep it from falling off. His collar is vintage fabric and I used two vintage earrings to decorate his hat.

Vivian made this for me

isn't he wonderful!! I had expressed a desire to own one of her needle felted creations - and my wish came true. Upon seeing this treasure my Husband said "wow, how old is it?" - which is his way of saying it looks "vintage" - even if he doesn't realize it.
It is hanging in my foyer tree and I just love it!
I also made this little cutie for my Swap partner- Fran Parrigan-Meehan, a dollmaker. This snowman is NOT bi-polar, not knowing Fran well enough... I didn't want her to think I was too weird! Fran made me these adorable snowmen
such talent ladies!!!
ALL of my Holiday decorations are up - amazing, astounding, groundbreaking (usually finish a few days before Christmas)- here are just a few highlights

I also helped to organized a little swap for the Prim and Whimsy Girls
It is going to be a really wonderful little swap, really well organized. If you sign up now you will get a reminder in the new year. I will be participating, along with a slew of Prim and Whimsy Girl Artists - trust me.... it's going to be good.
My Spookytime Jingle offerings

These two lollipop men are EXTREMELY RARE!
Since everyone knows lollipop men originate from tropical climates - finding them out of hibernation is unusual. Both are up for adoption on STJ

I have my Glitter and Grunge items in the works and of course new items for STJ and Pfatt Marketplace. There is also another great give-away planned for EHAG in January and I will be posting info on that one as well.

I still have a TON to do - it is a "handmade" Christmas at our house this year and I have a wonderful tutorial from Sew Mama Sew that I am going to try.

- Seriously this has GOT to be a girl - WAYYY to much trouble from this one already!
AND I am craving Hotdogs with yellow mustard and sauerkraut and pink grapefruit juice for breakfast - no joke!
- Sweet B


vivian said...

Woah!! did I miss something or forget something??? YOure pregnant! congratulations!!! when are you due? did I already know this? I'm such a duh!
ok.. yup.. I peeked! I cant wait to get my little bipolar friend! SO EXCIETED!! wooo hooo!!
Love all your decorations.. I love the old ornaments in glass. I love the holidays but they are tiring and yes, unfortunetely somewhat stressful! seems I was going to say something else.. but cant remember what it was!! so.. have a sweet week.. were getting lots of that nasty cold white stuff today.. ugg! I just hate driving in it! ohh!! I know.. love the birthday tree!
happy holiday!

Designs by CK said...

WOW B ~ You have been BUSY!!!

Love all the new goodies & your holiday decorations. The kid's tree was really cute! AND I want your STJ lolli!!!

Wishing you & yours a most magical holidays!!!

SpOOky CK (-:

Lily said...

Great pictures and decorations. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Lily...

Beth Quinn said...

congrats on expecting !!! you definitely have some strange cravings-LOL!!!!!
hope you have a wonderful holiday and happy new year !!! love all the holiday decor !!

Fran said...

CONGRATS! on your expected bundle of joy.
I love Vivian's bipolar snowman:-)
I LOVE my snowman too and the other goodies you put in the package. I love all your work.