Candy Club Challenge

Candy Club Challenge

Don't forget! you have to chew your fruit stripe gum or share it and post a comment about it in order to be eligible for the Prize!
Winner will be drawn and announced on the 5th!
(drawn as in "drawn from a hat!)

-Sweet B


WOooo HOoooo

Spooky Time Jingles has launched!

Check out all of the Fab Christmas and Halloween Goodies that have been created by this fabulous group of artists!

Here is my Halloween offering - He stands just over two feet high! - I am a little behind the curve - away on vacation - but he is on the Spookytime Jingles site if you would like to see more pics.

Sinister or Sweet?

Visit Spooky Time Jingles to see more!

I will be on Vacation Untill the end of the month - Don't forget to chew your Fruit Stripe Gum if you want to win the prize!

- Sweet B


Just a quickie Post to show you a few items I have on listed on Pfatt Marketplace

It's Christmas in July over there!

Santa Candy Jar

Mod Christmas tree Banner

Snow Man Candy Jar

Check out all of the wonderful artists on Pfatt - there are some doorprizes to be won to!

-Sweet B



This ice-cream diet is just not working for me!

I think I have a problem with portion control!!
I am on vacation in California - will be back on the 6th...... don't forget to chew your Fruit Stripe Gum so you can enter to win "Lewiston"!

- Sweet B


Candy of the Month JULY

This Month's candy may prove to be a bit of a challenge for some of you - but since the prize is an original Sweet B Folk Art Lollipop man - I wanted to test your candy hunting abilities!

July's Candy is Fruit Stripe Gum!

Fruit Stripe Gum will take you waaaaaaaay back to the days of childhood - where gum was full of SUGAR and FLAVOR - (three minutes of flavor to be precise)!

Fruit stripe gum is the ONLY gum with painted on stripes. In the traditional pack - you will find five flavors: cherry, peach, melon, lemon and orange. There is also a fruity assortment available in a pink wrapper: cherry, grape, mixed fruit, lemon and cotton candy!

Fruit Stripe gum was invented and lunched in the 1960's as an extension of the Beech-nut gum brand.

Today, Fruit Stripe Gum wrappers come with one or more temporary tattoos featuring - "Yipes" the Fruit Stripe Zebra.

Unfortunately the sweet fruitiness of this gum only lasts for about three minutes. But with these cute stripes and fruity scent - who cares!


Candy Club Members - Don't forget to post your
confectionary commentary and become eligible for this months prize (see June 30th posting)

-Sweet B


Anyone interested in WINNING this fabulous LOLLIPOP MAN - 1. read the candy club rules at the top of the sidebar and 2. post your intent to join the club, 3. try the candy of the month and 4. post a comment to be automatically entered... it's that easy!

Now, for the prize: Each month's prize will be different, sometimes an original work of art, sometimes candy, sometimes vintage candy memorabilia, SOMETIMES a SURPRISE.

The JULY Candy Club Prize is one of my ORIGINAL LOLLIPOP MEN. This prize is sort of a double edged sword - Lollipop men make great decorations, they attract a lot of attention and make people smile. ON THE OTHER HAND, as you all know, lollipop men are kind of like parrots; they can live up to 100 years, they get really attached to their owners, and they can cop a major attitude!

This particular Lollipop man is named "Lewiston Sweet Shorts", he is a "two faced" lollipop (meaning he is double sided for your viewing enjoyment), and he enjoys teasing gumdrops and watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (he has the "toot sweet" song memorized).

Lewiston pitched a fit during his photo shoot, and threw himself out of the candy jar (hence the scratch on his nose). This is a minor injury, however, and will be touched up before Lewiston packs and leaves for his new home.

I am sure anyone who wins Lewiston will enjoy many years of his spirited company.

Lewiston's measurements are: 13"tall and 5.5" diameter.

The Drawing for Lewiston will be held on August 5th - so you can join the club and post your comments anytime during JULY.
Oh, and Lewiston says "no cheating!" Lollipop men have a SWEET SIXTH SENSE - they can tell if someone is fibbing about trying the candy - trust me - the last thing you want arriving on your doorstep is a pissed off lollipop!

- Sweet B