Seeing DOTS and NOTS

Since my cream canvas couch would last about 30 minutes in my new studio/playroom, I decided to paint it and then give it a good scotch guard treatment. The couch is from Ikea and the canvas slipcover runs about $20 - so there wasn't much to lose....
So my slouchy white couchy went from this

To this!

I am currently working on pillows and a footstool to go with it.

my son calls it the Dots Couch.

Speaking of Dots

- I feel I must warn the candy consuming public about a particularly vile candy that is being sold in stores across the country.

First let me say, that I have a pretty high threshold for bad candy. I have been known to eat candy I found repulsive because it was the only candy around and I was jones'n for some sweets. This candy, however, would stay sealed in the box.......even if I was marooned on a desert island with it!
Firstly - the yogurt part of the dots is a weird flesh color - if you can get past that, the chemical after taste is about as far away from yogurt as you can get AND lingers for a looooong time!

I actually spat out the fifth one I tried (told you I had a pretty high tolerance) - the only way someone could eat these would be to nip off the candy colored end - which tastes like a regular dot.
Who came up with this??? Who tested this and thought 'yea - flesh colored yogurt dots - the next best seller!'???

Yogurt dots....Candy NOTS!

- Sweet B


Jeanne said...

I'm lovin' that couch! Much more than the those Yogurt Dots! Yucky as my granddaughter would say.

vivian said...

omg! you painted that couch? Awesome!!!

Designs By CK said...

FABULOUS couch!!! TOO FUN!!!

PS: Love dots as well.

Chris (-:

*retro-rudolphs* said...

The couch is gorgeous... but I already told ya I loved it!
The dots candy, yikes they sound dreadful!! ~ Thanks for the warning!


Malissa said...

Love Ikea!! They have such inexpensive ways to go from drab to fab. And- I love dots, especially the way they stick inside your teeth so you get to enjoy them for hours after you eat them. LOL! I'll make sure to steer clear of those, though!