Update on life with baby

A big thank you to EVERYONE who has commented and sent

well-wishes our way over the past few weeks!

Unfortunately, I have been unable to visit with everyone one individually (I hope to be able to sit down to a serious blog-hopping session soon), I miss my Blog friends and hope to get my schedule under control soon

(am I optimistic or what!)

Baby has turned our house "upside down".... and me "inside out".

Don't they torture people with sleep deprivation????

Could someone please tell me how is it that a teeny, tiny baby can create so much mess and laundry??? - it's a good thing he's cute!

Here is another, updated pic

Henry is sleeping in this one - something he doesn't seem to do very often....

- Sweet B


vivian said...

OMG! What a beautiful beautiful baby! who needs sleep when you have that preciousness to play with! JK... I know its difficult when they are little and not sleeping alot. He'll get into a routine before long!
He REALLY is a gorgeous baby!

Designs By CK said...

Henry is SO cute! :-))

Have a great week B.


Jeanne said...

Henry is just so adorable! :0)
Enjoy him now - they grow up way too fast!

magikalseasons said...

He is beautiful! Don't worry sleep will return in time! :) As for the laundry well I have 3 boys and I wish I had 2 washing machines! It never ends but it's all worth it! Henry is adorable! He makes me want a 4th! Have a wonderful week! Becca

Brandi McKenna said...

Oh he is ADORABLE! Enjoy him and and don't worry about the rest of the world! It goes by so fast, get plenty of sleep when you can and the rest will fall back into place soon enough! What a joy!! He is beautiful Amelia...

Patty Benedict said...

Amelia ....what a beautiful creation you have made! Relax and don't worry about travail things. Enjoy your time with your beautiful family!
BIG hugs!!!!!

Victorian Lady said...

Dropped jaw! :)
He is SO amazingly sweet! We've been contemplating another and I've been on the fence as to when...your sweet little guy (and I LOVE the name!) has just convinced me that sooner is better! :)

I was on facebook and saw you on the side as a suggested friend. We have 18 friends in common! Then I saw that you are Sweet B and recognized you from Spookytime, which I love! THEN it said you went to ASU...I had to gasp! You are local! :) I went to ASU too. :)

Lol...I'm no stalker, but always felt a little sad that all these great, artistic people who's company I enjoy in blogland are always so far away. Now it feels like a smaller world. :)

Congrats on the little guy, and nice to "meet" you! :)


michelle said...

He is so sweet! It has always seemed like one of life's unfair tricks that newborns are so fun and adorable, yet so increbily hard! Hope you sleep soon, it is all about sleep!

Melissa the Holiday Queen said...

Ooooh I just want to gently squeeze him. Henry is a beauty!!!!! I bet he has that fresh baby smell too. Sweet B he is Perfection.