Candy Candy Candy

This just in..... the Sweet B Candy of the Month will be resuming October 5th!! - so loosen your belts, double up on the cavity fighting toothpaste and get your tastebuds ready!

To celebrate the renewl of our Candy Club, I will have some fantastical prizes and a big Sweet B Buffet Bonanza for everyone to dig into!

So be here, or be a sugar free square!
In the Meantime...
...You can tell Halloween is getting close
the Sweet B Lollipop men are getting restless
These three are on their way up to the White Mountians - hopefully someone will want to adopt these rotten little candies!
A Sweet B pumpkin lollipop holder.
TTFN -Sweet B


Jeanne said...

I am so ready for CANDY! Can't wait!

Love the lollipop holder. ♥

magikalseasons said...

Love your Lollies! :)

vivian said...

hey Amelia! love your little pumpkin friends! glad to see you around for the halloween season!
Hows your precious little bundle doing??
I bet youre loving every second of being a mama!

Len said...

OK you twisted my arm (yeah right!) I want to join in the candy of the month. Hopefully we will have the same candy in Victoria. If we don't I may substitute and no one will know!

Designs By CK said...

Dear B,

Thanks SOOO much for the FUN vintage Brach's advert. I absolutely LOVE IT!!! You made my Halloween season brighter. :-)

SpOOky Hugs,


Lance said...

Hey B, I'm thrilled to be your tombstone partner this year. I've been running behind as always so I'm just getting started. Can't wait!

AwtemNymf said...

OMG- those are sweet! *claps*

Nancy Lee Malay said...

Oooh, B, you really do have the best "eye candy" on your blog!

I loved your sweet piece on the back cover of Celebrate365 - (I'll take a dozen of those, please!)

So....throw my name in again, and again and again......