Happy Halloween

Here is how we spent the Halloween Afternoon...

...Taking these
Adding this..
Tons of sugar and some H20....
An hour later and we have these beauties "Red Hot Candy Apples"

Why does baby cookie look so scared??Perhaps because this guy spent the night trying to nibble his toes!A good time was had by all... now that everyone is tucked into bed...
time to announce the winner of the BONUS Candy Club Challenge
the winner of the Candy Club Challenge for October is AwtemNymf, as you can see by her post the win is well deserved - TONS of candy at her house by the sound of it!

Check back on NOVEMBER 5th for the new Sweet B Candy Club Challenge!
(Winners are selected using a random number generator)
-Sweet B


Jeanne said...

Congrats AwtemNymf!! WooHoo!!

Love those two Lil' Munchkins! Hope everyone's Halloween was spooktacular!

Brandi McKenna said...

Adorable Amelia! I usually make caramel apples! LOVE candy apples here, too...Happy Halloween!!

vivian said...

aww!! I love that sweet baby cookie and cookie monster too! great costume ideas! and those candy apples look delicious!
happy day after!

*retro-rudolphs* said...

B the kids look so darn adorable!!! The costumes are great!!! ... and the Red Hot candy apples look delicious, did you save one for me?


Sweet B Folk Art said...

No apples left! - FYI candy apples are offically the WORST food to give a three year old... for a variety of reasons!

Does anyone know how to get red food coloring out of a wool rug??
-just kidding.


Designs By CK said...

I love red candy apples and I've always wondered how to make them at home. They looked WAY YUMMY! '-)

Your lil' ones were too cute in their Halloween costumes!

Happy Weekend :-)


Malissa said...

Your kiddos are adorable!