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MAY 4th!


Dump your Easter Basket!~

Easter Review 2009
Now that the big bunny day is over, lets get down to business and review some of the best and worst candy that was up for offer this season!
For the rest of the month, post a comment about new candy you tried this year, your least liked, or your very favorite Easter Candy
-and you will be entered to win a mini Sweet B lollipop Baby!

Just to get the ball (or egg) rolling...

My personal favorites

Yes, the coconut nest!. Although I usually don't eat the jellybeans, just the coconut nest part- I just can't get through the Easter season without eating at least 3 or 4 of these, and they have to be Russel Stovers. I think the first one I had was in February - right after Valentines. Shameful, but true!

Another ALL TIME favorite

The Cadbury Creme Egg

Growing up in New Zealand resulted in a steadfast allegiance to ANYTHING Cadbury - the creme eggs being up at the top of the list.

This year the Orange Creme egg was a nice surprise. The orange flavor was different -but went well with the creamy interior.

Quick Facts from Cadbury
So, how do people eat their Creme Egg?
53% of people bite off the top, lick out the 'creme' then eat the chocolate
20% just bite straight through
16% use their finger to scoop out the 'creme'
How people unwrap their eggs can also reflect their Creme Egg eating style, we have...
Delicate Peelers - To achieve a considered, methodical & subtle eat
Stage Peelers - Who unwrap just enough to keep the 'creme' off their fingers
Quick Discarders - Who rip off the foil as they just can't wait to eat their Creme Egg

Personally I like to put mine in the freezer, crack it open, and eat the filling with a tiny salt spoon.
Just a quick note here: Last year Cadbury put out a Christmas Ornament Creme Egg ...
... that was WRONG - just plain WRONG!
Keep the Candy Seasons Seperate guys!
Some new additions to my candy basket

Brachs Chicks and Rabbits. These little cuties have the same consistency as Circus peanuts - Especially good if the bag is left open for a few days (Have I ever mentioned my penchant for stale candy?)

Have you tried these little beauties?

Raspberry 3 Musketeers - delish!

And the Nostalgic Contingent.....

Sugar eggs! I won one of these as a child - it was HUGE (at least I remember it being huge), I can still remember how beautiful I thought it was, and how I ate it really slowly - breaking off pieces at night before bed (what were my parents thinking - letting me keep it in my room??) AND - how my brother cried because I wouldn't share - that was probably the best part.
Ok - I've totally "Spilled" my Easter Basket - lets hear from you!

- Sweet B


Hunt for eggs!

Join the Prim and Whimsy Easter Egg hunt
HERE to visit the parade of Easter eggs and enter to win a prize basket FULL to the BRIM with art supplies!
Here is my Egg , Halloween style since I have been working on pieces for the Spookytime Jingle booth at the National Halloween Convention.
By the way..... If you are planning on attending the Convention - stop by the booth and mention that you are a "fan of STJ" - this will qualify you for MULTIPLE entries in the booth giveaway!
A chance to win original Halloween Art.... YOWEEEE.
Speaking of giveaways

Stop by the EHAG art blog to enter the Frightful Fete Giveaway. Use EHAG as a search word in eBay to see the wonderful creations the EHAG artists have made in honor of this event.

- Sweet B


National Halloween Convention
in case you weren't aware - the gang over at is filling a booth at the upcoming National Halloween Convention.
Here are just a few of the goodies that I have sent in. A wonderful vintage style Wooden Candy Bowl - the word "TREATS" is painted on the back side. The bowl is shown here with some strings of candy garland.
One of several Lollipop men who agreed to attend. A "TWO FACED SWEETIE" ornament
Some Lollipop Babies

If you are going to be ANYWHERE in the vicinity - I highly recommend attending
- it looks as if it is really going to be a SCREAM!!.
- Sweet B