Zombie made Halloween Art

That's right.... Genuine Zombie art on Display!
I just listed these two Halloween Countdown Calendars on eBay.

Both are Acrylic on wood, and both have been framed with "reclaimed" silk screen frames
Each Calendar has 31 wooden disks, numbered on one side - Halloween images on the other.... Each day a disk is flipped to reveal a fun Halloween image!
or use EHAG, AHA or PWGL in your eBay searches.
There are tons of wonderful pieces for sale on eBay right now - I highly recommend indulging in some eBay surfing this weekend!
Oh, and in case you were wondering where the "Zombie" came in.....
My 2mo. old gets up about 4 times a night.... I am the Zombie!
-Sweet B

Eggs and Eye Candy

We are finally back and have finished unloading the multitudes of baggage from our trip to the White Mountains.
(Toddlers and Babies require more baggage than Celine Dion!)

I think we stopped at every candy and fudge shop within a 50 mile radius of the town we stayed in, thrifted to our hearts content, and lazed on the porch of our rental cabin till our brains turned to mush.
There was plenty of help with the babies, so I return feeling rested and relaxed!
Just a few photo highlights of the trip.
The giant egg man
(this one goes out to Lance over at Crescent Hill)
A mile-high meringue from America's Pie Company
Four pies in all, but two were consumed faster than I could photograph them
this one is rhubarb! - No lard -all butter, real scratch pie fillings.
Now, I can make a mean pie - and I do make pies for my husband quite often, but
Diane Lara, owner and chef at America's Pie Company has
the touch of an angel!
Her pies are so light and fluffy, so flaky and delicious
- they could just float right up to heaven
( if they weren't always eaten first).
As I mentioned, plenty of thrifting and boutique shopping too.
The Embellishment Boutique combines shabby antiques, sparkly jewelry, and scrapbook supplies in a wonderful way.
This store is PACKED with eye candy - I had to walk through it twice, just to take it in.
Vintage findings, linens, jems and an out standing scrapbook supply selection.
If ANYONE is visiting Lakeside- you have to stop by - you will love it!
Embellishment Boutique
Trisha Murel is the owner and designer

-Sweet B


Candy Road Trip Review

As you may or may not know, a road-trip is the perfect excuse to buy candy. I always pop into the gas stations we stop at, or check out the vending machines at the rest-stops to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings.

It seems like no-one criticises the calories when you are eating candy on the road, and sometimes you run across things you haven't tried in a while - or even things you haven't seen before.

This is a relatively new candy, (been out for a while - but still in the candy world considered "new") my husband and I picked up a bag on our way up to a cabin in the mountains last week. Released to coincide with the newest Transformers movie.
Actually I picked up a bag of these, a box of good 'n plenty, a bag of Reeses pieces (everyone knows peanut butter M&M's can't hold a candle to the Reeses!),some regular corn nuts and a bag of regular M&M's for good measure. Well, I love me some M&M's, so I was thrilled to see a new variation to try. (haven't tried any "new" M&M's since the premiums came out - and before that the raspberried ones of '07)

Unfortunately these guys failed the Sweet B Taste Test.

Image source:

The biggest problem was that they had neither the shape nor texture of an M&M in any way. If you closed your eyes you would think you were eating something entirely different - M&M would be the farthest thing from your mind. They are bigger/fuller than a regular M&M and the outside didn't seem to be as crunchy as a regular M&M either. The filling is gooey (again -totally not M&M material) and tasted really artificial. I shared some with my husband and he agreed (and he will usually eat ANYTHING). Perhaps if I didn't know they were supposed to be peanut butter and strawberry - I wouldn't have minded the flavor...

we actually didn't finish the bag (Totally out of character for me!) - which is really saying something!

So don't waste your pocket money on these guys -go for the original M&M's - you know, the ones that "melt in your mouth...not in your hands!"

I think the Transformers should Transform back into regular M&M's

and stop messing around!

AND.... if you are lucky enough to find them

give these new Coconut M&M's a try. Visit the M&M website for more info

- Sweet B


Update on life with baby

A big thank you to EVERYONE who has commented and sent

well-wishes our way over the past few weeks!

Unfortunately, I have been unable to visit with everyone one individually (I hope to be able to sit down to a serious blog-hopping session soon), I miss my Blog friends and hope to get my schedule under control soon

(am I optimistic or what!)

Baby has turned our house "upside down".... and me "inside out".

Don't they torture people with sleep deprivation????

Could someone please tell me how is it that a teeny, tiny baby can create so much mess and laundry??? - it's a good thing he's cute!

Here is another, updated pic

Henry is sleeping in this one - something he doesn't seem to do very often....

- Sweet B


Sweet Songs

Here are the lyrics from one of my favorite songs about candy!

it is the song from the candy factory scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Don't waste your pucker on some all day sucker

And don't try a toffee or cream

If you seek perfection in sugar confection

Well there's something new on the scene

A mouth full of cheer

A sweet without peer

A musical morsel supreme!

Toot Sweets!Toot Sweets!

The candies you whistle, the whistles you eat.

Toot Sweets!Toot Sweets!

The eatable, tweetable treats!

Toot Sweets!Toot Sweets!

The toot of a flute with the flavor of fruit!

Toot Sweets!Toot Sweets!

No longer need candy be mute!

Don't waste your pucker on some all day

and don't try a toffee or cream!

If you seek perfection in sugar confection,

well, there's something new on the scene:

that mouth full of cheer

that sweet without peer;

That musical morsel supreme!

Toot Sweets!Toot Sweets!

A bon-bon to blow on at last has been found

Toot Sweets!Toot Sweets,

with tweetable, eatable sound!

Their value is intrinsic,

surpass any mint stick

Or marshmallow mouthful you munch

Though licorice is chewy

And gum drops are gooey

And chocolate is charming to crunch

That savory fife,

that sweet of your life

It's clearly the best of the bunch.

Toot Sweets!Toot Sweets!

Toot Sweets!Toot Sweets!

That savory fife

That sweet of your life

Is clearly the best of the bunch

Toot Sweets!Toot Sweets!

A bon-bon to blow on at last has been found

Toot Sweets!Toot Sweets!

The treat that's so tweetable,lusciously eatable,with that unbeatable sound!

-Sweet B