It's Pfatt time again!

Help yourself to a BonBon - now on Pfatt Marketplace! I have two of these sweet little cakes up for sale, add them into your dessert buffet...or perhaps they should be displayed just out of never know when someone might help themselves!
Stop by the PfattMarketplace to see all of the fresh new items for sale.
You will see this guy there as well.
This paper mache candy container is modeled after German Candy containers of the 1800's through the 1930's. Stores such as John Wanamaker in Philadelphia and Marshall Field's in Chicago imported German paper mache holiday pieces. Back in Germany the paper mache forms were often distributed amongst local families who finished them with paint, flocking, and even finely detailed clothing and accessories.
My little candy containter has been made in a primitive style, and is dressed in a little wool waistcoat and jacket. Millenery flowers flock at his feet.
See more of this "Old World Bunny" at the Pfatt Marketplace.
My Spookytime Jingles update is on the way too! Stop by on the 13th to see new Sweet Goodies from Sweet B FOlk Art!


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Yummy visual treats Amelia!!!I'm on my way over now to PFATT marketplace!!!

Len said...

I love the cakes! The rabbit is cute but the cakes are by far my favourites. Keep up the great work.

Jeanne said...

Those Bon Bons look so cute, I could just EAT THEM UP!!! And the rabbit candy container is wonderful!! :0)