Spookytime Jingles Halloween Collector's Tree

Can you imagine having your very own
Well... imagine no more!
Now you can purchase tickets for this incredible Halloween Collector's Tree
complete with one of a kind STJ artist ornaments, lights, trimmings, an incredible tree topper and a marvelous little tree skirt designed by moi.

The skirt is hand-painted canvas with spooky tree images, very , very detailed and trimmed in vintage pom.
hours and hours of artist time has been spent creating this tree - and it is all up for grabs.
feeling lucky???
Purchase your tickets on the left sidebar - or go to the Spookytime Jingles Blog by clicking HERE
The tickets are being sold as
To be able to use Paypal ~ Buy It now Buttons for our Halloween Tree Event. We must use the terminology of Gifted, Charity or Donated,
Paypal's policy is that raffle tickets fall under gambling and they are not allowed to process any payments with the words raffle or gamble in it.
hence the "VIEWING" tickets
One lucky winner will be "GIFTED" the entire tree in MAY -
can you imagine setting this baby up for Halloween?

To see the tree in person - visit the SPOOKYTIME JINGLE booth at the National Halloween Convention - going on this upcoming weekend
Click HERE for details

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