It isn't pretty

20 odd days till Halloween and Vine, and just a few more till the Spookytime Jingles Soiree .... and I have a ton of work still to do!
Currently, my house looks like someone dumped HUGE bags of half-eaten Halloween Candy everywhere!
Here are some wip pics - some are blurry and I left them that way because blurry is how I am feeling right now... thank goodness for caffeine and candy - my two favorite Cs!Is it just me, or does this pear look as if he is afraid I won't finish him?
Hey - where's the butter
Yea, Yea - I know - the icing on the....
Candy Corns will be my specialty this year - having spent the last four months taste-testing!

OK - that's all you get for now - more sweets are on the way.


LuLu Kellogg said...

I can't wait to see the finished ones! I am just in love with your creations!


Jeanne said...

I'm Lovin' that Candy Corn!! ♥

Len said...

So much work and it's looking great!