Oh lolli lolli

Here are a few of the new Lollipop men and Lollipop Babies that will be up for grabs at the National Halloween Convention this weekend.
Let's hope they stay still long enough for people to get a good look

(Lollipop men are notoriously energetic you know)


Spookytime Jingles Halloween Collector's Tree

Can you imagine having your very own
Well... imagine no more!
Now you can purchase tickets for this incredible Halloween Collector's Tree
complete with one of a kind STJ artist ornaments, lights, trimmings, an incredible tree topper and a marvelous little tree skirt designed by moi.

The skirt is hand-painted canvas with spooky tree images, very , very detailed and trimmed in vintage pom.
hours and hours of artist time has been spent creating this tree - and it is all up for grabs.
feeling lucky???
Purchase your tickets on the left sidebar - or go to the Spookytime Jingles Blog by clicking HERE
The tickets are being sold as
To be able to use Paypal ~ Buy It now Buttons for our Halloween Tree Event. We must use the terminology of Gifted, Charity or Donated,
Paypal's policy is that raffle tickets fall under gambling and they are not allowed to process any payments with the words raffle or gamble in it.
hence the "VIEWING" tickets
One lucky winner will be "GIFTED" the entire tree in MAY -
can you imagine setting this baby up for Halloween?

To see the tree in person - visit the SPOOKYTIME JINGLE booth at the National Halloween Convention - going on this upcoming weekend
Click HERE for details

Spookytime Jingles Update

Head over to Spookytime Jingles this month to see some super spooky Halloween and super Cute Christmas art!

This little figgy pudding is waiting to tempt you....


A Small Town Give-Away

The folks over at Small Town Living have graciously asked me to be a featured artist on their website!
Currently Small Town Living is running a giveaway of one of my favorite pieces.
A cute little Petite Four with a big cherry tied on top!
CLICK HERE and head on over for a chance to win!

The Small Town Living website is really fun to read, they have some of the best healthy alternative recipes, and always lots of interesting little articles. A nice site to peruse with your morning coffee!

Currently they have a recipe for the "The best ginger snaps ever!" ....yup, my kind of website!
Thank you Small Town Living!


What's been going on

Some-bunny was good to me this year!
A very "Sweet" friend gave me this cool retro Easter Basket, filled with fun goodies she knew I would love!Prize of Place goes to the Wendy Addison bunny that was on the top of the basketBut my runner up "fave" was this giant candy stick from Hammond's Candies

Hammond's makes the best lollipops and Candy sticks - the colors are amazing and their lollies are chunky with an old fashioned flair. HELLO!! - how cute are these - candy sipping sticks, to be used as straws in iced tea (or soda)
And cocktail sipping/stirring sticks for the more sophisticated crowd.
Just look at these cute pumpkin lollipops, they also make a red apple and green apple - just as adorable!

Click HERE to visit Hammond's Candies online, such a fun site and I highly recommend the lollipop page for a real visual FEAST! ....Oh, and Hammond's, if you are reading this.... I totally volunteer for the taste-testing/product development job!

So, what's been going on work wise? I have been working flat out (well as much as one can with two small monkeys loose in the house!) on my goodies for the National Halloween Convention.

SpookyTime Jingles will be revealing an awesome Halloween tree
(it will be up for cool is THAT!)(detail of a tree skirt in the works)

At the Convention there will be a bevy of boo-ti-full Halloween Art for sale from the Artists of STJ!

I am also working on my goodies for Halloween and Vine .... well, I am actually just sketching and planning at this point, and trying to figure out how to get it all done.

Here are my WIPs for the national Halloween Convention.

Stop by the Spookytime Jingles blog or website frequently for updates and new info about the Convention and other up-coming events. Oh - and stop back here in a couple of weeks to see my finished results.