Ehag Emporium

May Black cats cross your path
While Candy crosses your palm!
This charming hand-turned pedestal bowl has been transformed into a Halloween Candy service Hand-painted in acrylics, black cat silhouettes alternate with the words

Sculpted black cats have been added to the base of the pedestal - their tails appear to be holding the candy bowl up.

Cats are finished in wax, wooden bowl is finished in varnish.

Bowl is intended for wrapped candy only.

Cats are sporting sparkly collars of vintage trim (circa 1950s)Wooden bowl was originally hand-made
Bowl has been hand-painted and detailed
me, Sweet B!
Any imperfections simply add to its charm.
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1 comment:

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

B This pieces is a stunner! A brilliant idea!! I love their big tails, vintage collars and faces! What a great way to fix up a dish!!