Heaven in a window

On a recent Girlie trip to NYC I wandered by some pretty amazing window displays.
Nothing, however, could top this display from Louis Vuitton
Each piece was enclosed in a custom LV. bell jar - and tagged with a latin species name - as if they were botany samples.
Quite amazing work in my opinion A fancy fly

Faux Feline
Crab Clutch

Gives a new meaning to having a "snake skin belt"

Bunny Baggage

Ok - now when I die I want to be wearing one pair of these shoes and my coffin needs to be lined in that blue velvet!


Len said...

Those windows are amazing aren't they. I follow a blog called "Another Normal" that showcases top window displays and these windows were featured a while back. Here is the link to that blog as well as these windows in particular.

Michele Lynch Art said...

So cool!!! I saw a some pics on another blog, too! I'll bet they are really amazing in person!! I can't even pick a favorite! Can't I have them all?? LOL! Love those shoes and tufted blue velvet as well!

Len said...

Oops... here is that link http://www.anothernormal.com/?p=2409

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Makes you wonder who comes up with this kind of stuff... cool, but kind of whacky too!

Ridhi Web Expert said...

What kind of window treatments will work with 3 different sized windows in same area?
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