The road to Candy Heaven

the road to Heaven is paved in ... candy

I have been wanting to blog about my trip to Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC

but life has gotten in the way a bit. If the stairway to heaven looks like this - I may only make it up half way I have to admit - my pulse was racing and I found it really hard to concentrate in this store - just so many beautiful candy colors, bright wrappers and amazing displays. I did bring home a limited edition of the CandyLand board game - and one of these pretty paddle lollipops.
Jumbo suckers on the ceiling
You would have to be a total "dum dum" to attempt to finish that pop in one go!
Bath time anyone? This looks just like my bathtub, only not as many gumballs as I am used to .
I think Dylan's Candy Bar had some of the best cotton candy I have ever tasted, and the BEST selection of lollipops I have ever seen.

- no Cadbury products that I could find however, which was strange, can you have a candy store with no Crunchie bars?

BUT - the excellent selection of bulk candies and gummies went a long way towards making up for that.

I highly recommend putting this on your

"Candy Bucket" list

Two Pops Up!


Doreen Gay-Kassel said...

yum!! i have to go there, B!

Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Hi Sweet B, love your work and I admire you for all your hard work. Girl, you are BUSY!