STJ All the Way

Come on over and check out the fantastic new art on the
SpookyTime Jingles Site

to see and buy wonderful new Holiday art.
the special guest this month is

Debbee Thibault

Two original pieces are on the site -
which is amazing since Debbee's work is so highly collectible, and the lady has got to be super busy with all of her retail lines.

Sadly, I didn't list any new work (still not feeling good) - but that hasn't stopped me from drooling over the fantastic pieces ...
I can't pick a favorite this month, so here a just a few highlights...
"My Brain Child" has a George Washington that is to DIE!
"Crescent Moon" has an adorable candle that I so want...

"Bone Head Studios" has a trio of fantastic Halloween ornaments
"Retro Rudolphs" has some truly vintage inspired pieces
"Skeleton in my Closet" I think I have an artist Crush on Josie
- her work is so amazing
"Paul Scott" has some seriously Happy pumpkins
"Doreen Kassel" is getting her DOD on

Really - there are too many wonderful pieces to name
- you MUST head on over and see for yourself... there really IS something for everyone on SpookyTime!

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