Ehag Emporium

May Black cats cross your path
While Candy crosses your palm!
This charming hand-turned pedestal bowl has been transformed into a Halloween Candy service Hand-painted in acrylics, black cat silhouettes alternate with the words

Sculpted black cats have been added to the base of the pedestal - their tails appear to be holding the candy bowl up.

Cats are finished in wax, wooden bowl is finished in varnish.

Bowl is intended for wrapped candy only.

Cats are sporting sparkly collars of vintage trim (circa 1950s)Wooden bowl was originally hand-made
Bowl has been hand-painted and detailed
me, Sweet B!
Any imperfections simply add to its charm.
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Crone update

My muse is a fickle mistress... well, ok - perhaps my muse is just a might cranky!

It's no wonder, I keep throwing more and more projects her way.
Sometimes an idea is so strong that the art piece practically makes itself, other times not so much.
The Cranky Crone is there, in my mind, kind of grumbling around in the back - amongst the dusty debris. I know that eventually she will waddle up to the forefront, its just a matter of time.
Meanwhile, I have been collecting ideas and supplies;
An old Edwardian jacket - too ripped and torn to be worn
A vintage Halloween costume, not sure if I will use the whole thing
or just that yummy Green ruffle.
Ok - so the crone has her shoes picked out - isn't that the most important thing?
Gnarly hands - worthy of her "Crankiness"
The beginnings of a face. Can't tell if that is a grimace or a smile... or a bit of both.
I have also been sketching, Madame Crone is to have a backdrop.
I am guessing Lori has made more progress on her Cranky Crone
Visit her blog
to see how her piece is progressing.
Come back and visit us again in March for the big reveal.


A few of my favorite things

I just received a package in the mail - a few goodies that I have been coveting from my friend and one of my favorite artists
Lori Rudolph of Retro Rudolph's
Isn't he adorable - I saw him at Christmas and have wanted him ever since!
I just love the way Lori fashions the little arms and legs on these guys, and his funny bobblely head and body - soooo cute. I will also be adding these lanterns to my collection - they come in all sorts of colors and designs. These three complete my collection... at least until more are created (hee hee)
each one comes with a wire hanger and lights up with a battery votive.
Lori has such a distinctive style, the signature Retro Rudolph's eye and mouth inserts are always a dead giveaway.
Visit Lori at her blog
Retro Rudolph's
and join her mailing list to be updated on new works - they go fast.