Is it weird that I like it when candy sticks to my teeth?
Well, not all candy - but for some reason I really like the feeling of HARD CANDY sticking to my teeth.

When it comes to candy I tend to go on Jags, one month it will be sours or gummies, the next caramel and Boston Baked Beans.
Currently I am seriously craving CINNAMON BALLS

The old fashioned ones to be precise... as with all candy I am pretty specific about which ones are the best (the cheap bag of Cinnamon balls at the drug store just don't cut it).

I'm talking about the pink and red Cinnamon ball, with or without sugar coating. That nice Cinnamon "burn" that you get from a sweet/spicy candy is the BEST.

A close runner up is the miniature Cinnamon Heart, but I wouldn't touch those out of Season - kind of ruins the whole thematic candy thing if you know what I mean.

I highly recommend the following places to pick up your own CB fix:
The Candy Emporium
The Sweet Palace
Candy Favorites
By-The-Way... The Candy Emporium and The Sweet Palace sound like places I could totally call home!


1 comment:

Len said...


I like the graphics on that tin of old fashioned candies. I have a vintage one that could have inspired the design.

Candy on teeth, NO THANK-YOU!

I had better get back to my studio. Have a great day.