Not ready for Christmas Movies?

Yesterday I was looking for a Wintry movie that would get me in to the mood for creating snowmen and santas - but didn't want to start watching the "classic" Christmas movies just yet. I found this movie


It was commissioned by the BBC in 2006 in honor of Hans Christan Anderson, and was aired as a Christmas Special.

This is actually an incredibly beautiful movie. There is a strange mix of animation and live acting which gives it a real fairytale feel to it. There is also some beautiful choral music that is woven into the storyline in an interesting way.

I highly recommend it, even if just for the visuals.

Two Lollipops up!

- Sweet B


vivian said...

looks interesting! i'll have to keep an eye out for it at the rental store! (really I'm going to forget and say.. now what was that movie she talked about!)

Robert said...

Looks cool Sweet B! I will have to rent it. I worked at a local video store for 13 years, they do not have it, but I will look. I am in the mood for Christmas movies though. Our Pal Gina came today and we decorated our huge tree, it is covered with sweets-I will post pictures soon on the Christmas blog! Hopefully I can call our photographer and we can have our pictures made now! Talk soon, Robert :)

Designs by CK said...

BIG CONGRATS on your pregnancy B!!!

I will have to check out this frosty BBC film. I have not seen it...sounds interesting! :-)

Candy Cheers!
Me :-P)

Patty Benedict said...

Looks good!!! I will have to look for it! I'm SOOOO In the mood for snow and the holidays! I have been listening to Holiday music on Yahoo radio...LOVE it!!
Ho HO Ho

Have fun!
Hugs Patty