November Candy of the Month

So I am a little bit late with this month's candy of the month! The truth is that I ate soooooo much candy on Halloween that I slipped into a sugar coma that lasted three days!

My Halloween night kind of went something like ... one Twix for the cute princess, two for me.....one tootsie roll for the 3foot high spider man, three for me....
as a result......I don't ever want to LOOK at another mini mounds bar again! Not to mention Halloween Nerds - what was I thinking??? They shouldn't be allowed to sell these things in such large quantities - its just plain irresponsible!

I seriously feel strung out from my sugar frenzy fest!
That is why I am going to clean up my act! BEFORE the holidays no less.
I pledge to eat right and lay off of the candy.
In honor of my new "Clean Living" ways - this month's candy will be

That's right, Grapes are Natures Candy. Sweet and oh so good for you ...


Come on - would I do that to you? would I do that to myself?? This month's candy is actually RAISINETS
Which could be considered grapes I guess, at least I think you could tell your mom that and get away with it.
Choosing Raisinets is sort of my way of paying homage to the bounty of November.

Raisinets were originally created by the Blumenthal bros. in 1927, who also invented goobers and snowcaps. Nestle bought the candy name in 1984 and updated the logo and packaging.
Whether you enjoy your Raisinets under cover of darkness in the movie theatre or hidden in the back of your closet - post about it and be entered to with this months prize! (prize to be announced mid month).Also - just want to mention that in the past I have been told that the candy of the month is "hard to find" - so I have chosen one that is pretty much everywhere. SO, unless you live on a vegan commune - NO EXCUSES! And if you ARE ACTUALLY dieting, allergic to chocolate, diabetic, or participating in a hunger strike - you can always purchase Raisinets for the ones you love! Anyone can join the candy club and be entered to win!!



Robert said...

Rasinets, yummy, yummy,yummy, makes me want to go see a movie!!!!!

Designs by CK said...

FUN Post B!!! I got such a chuckle...I kind of was hoping grapes would be the candy of the month!!!

I will have to pass on this one...OMG I cannot stand Rasinets!!! LOLOLOL '-)

To each his own right?!

Oh well this was my excuse to say hi!

PS: Your art giveaway piece was lovely!

Have a great week candy lady. :-)


Enchantments and Giggles said...

Hi Sweet B! I am off to buy Raisinets! I haven't had them in ages. six nieces and one nephew coming to visit next week. Might as well get them some too!

Laura 3:) said...


Thanks for posting this. My father, who was one of the Blumenthal cousins (the sons of the Blumenthal brothers), designed that original Raisinets package (as well as the Goobers and Raisinets ones). He was the artist in the family.

Nicole said...

mmm rasinets are sooo delish!!