New Gnome Listings

Here are two
Sweet B
Gnome Candy Containers

Created for the Prim and Whimsy Fairytale Challenge
The Prim and Whimsy Girls are a talented group of Artists that sell on eBAY.
My Gnomes were a little late in coming to the party....

But then, you know how Gnomes are...

completely inconsiderate...always loosing their heads....

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I haven't been listing much lately - but I have been creating... I will show off some of my WIP and finished pieces soon - AND - hopefully will be able to show off my new work space.
My Husband is working on a room conversion that will give me new work space and play space for our children - it is a race to the finish line - will the baby come before the room is done??? Not if my Husband has anything to say about it!

stay tuned!

-Sweet B


magikalseasons said...

Very cool gnomes! Love all your sweet treats too!

vivian said...

OMG!! these are just awesome Amelia! SEe.. this is why youre on my idol list!!
Love them!
I hope your hubby finishes your craft/play room soon. When are you due??? Im excieted for you. one of the girls at work just had a baby last week, another one is due in 4 weeks and one of the guys' wife is expecting in august. Its that baby time of year must be!
have a sweet and creative weekend!

Brandi McKenna said...

So COOL! Did you see the movie years ago, Amelie, where someone kidnaps the gnome and takes him around the world sending back photos? HA! I love the ole garden nome!

Designs By CK said...

CUTE gnomes B!!!

Have a great weekend.

Chris :-)

Sweet B Folk Art said...

You know I never have seen Amelie - I always look for it when we go to the library - perhaps it will turn up next time - but I do know about the travelocity gnome - too cute!

I am due June 28th! - so much to do - so little time.... my "nest" is a mess!

Chicken Lips said...

These are so darn cute! Love them!!!