Spookytime Jingles WOW!

Two fantastic Shopping opportunities from the talent over at Spookytime Jingles:

Come and celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas with some special buys - Holiday goodies specially listed on the Spookytime Jingles Website! That's right, these are in ADDITION to the usual update on the 13th!.


How long does it take to collect a whole tree worth of artist ornaments?

What if you could do it with one simple click of a mouse??
Well, now you can - An ENTIRE SIX FOOT TREE filled with ornaments made by Spookytime Jingle Artists will be up for Auction on eBay December 7th.

eBay ID: Spookytime Jingles

Seriously - this is really something else - I have seen some of the ornaments that will be featured on this tree -they are amazing!

I have contributed a Holiday Lollipop Man and a canvas tree skirt that has been embellished with felt, ric rac, and Sweet B Holiday Lollies.

More details to come.....

-Sweet B


vivian said...

hey doll! love those ornies! hope youre taking time to enjoy the holiday season! Im running like a maniac.. my normal. In fact.. I now have 25 minutes to get ready for work! gotta run!
have a great weekend!

Victorian Lady said...

Hey! :)

You have NO idea how badly I want to see this tree! I keep checking for it in anticipation!!! I know it will be AMAZING!!

Hope everything is going well! :)