The Total Tree Package!

Check out the SpookyTime Jingles Collector's tree

Each ornament has been made by a SpookyTime Jingle Artist.

I contributed the tree skirt, it is painted canvas with felt rosettes and candy faces sewn on - tons of pom pom and ric rac too! There is also one of my "Two faced" lollipop men in the tree - he is "Christmas Flavored" and is about 8" in diameter. You can just see him peeking out of the bottom of the tree - he's a bit shy, specially around all of these wonderful STJ creations!
I can hardly believe that one bidder will be getting this tree - it would take such a long time to collect all of the ornaments individually!

Hmmmm, which ornament is my favorite? Well, I love them all, BUT - the topper really stands out for me - he is so darned cute!

How about you - what do you like best?
- Sweet B


magikalseasons said...

I love your Christmas lolly! I'm loving all the snowmen. Then I saw an angel and an elf and well how can I pick just one! :)

vivian said...

woweee! I cant imagine winning that tree. how awesome that would be!

Designs By CK said...

Hi B,

What a beautiful tree & great idea!!!

Thanks 2 for your recent bid.'-)

Hope this note finds you well!


CK (-:

Designs By CK said...

SO glad you like your new candy cane postcard addition!!!

Have a great weekend & happy holidays B!

CK (-:


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet B! Just wanted 2 wish u and yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS;)

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