Fine Art Show this weekend

I was fortunate enough to attend an exclusive fine art show over the weekend.
The artist was described as "a young up-and coming modernist"
Not sure what that means exactly, but I found his work to be deep and full of meaning...
......if you stare hard enough, you can see that this one for example,
is a cat holding a flower.
And this one is a mother with child.
Unfortunatly the art was not very well received. The tempermental artist stormed off, and the gallery promptly shut down the exhibit, wiping all traces of the artist off of its walls.
A shame really, but then the "no drawing on the walls" rule is there for a reason.

-Sweet B


New Gnome Listings

Here are two
Sweet B
Gnome Candy Containers

Created for the Prim and Whimsy Fairytale Challenge
The Prim and Whimsy Girls are a talented group of Artists that sell on eBAY.
My Gnomes were a little late in coming to the party....

But then, you know how Gnomes are...

completely inconsiderate...always loosing their heads....

Click here to visit my current Auction

I haven't been listing much lately - but I have been creating... I will show off some of my WIP and finished pieces soon - AND - hopefully will be able to show off my new work space.
My Husband is working on a room conversion that will give me new work space and play space for our children - it is a race to the finish line - will the baby come before the room is done??? Not if my Husband has anything to say about it!

stay tuned!

-Sweet B


Candy of the Month

Blowing Bubbles...
Bubble Gum is the candy of the month!!
Not just any bubble gum mind you.
I am talking specifically about the
Big Three
Bubble Yum

Hubba Bubba


Bubble Yum was actually the first soft bubble gum ever created! - Introduced in 1975 by Lifesavers - the demand became so great, the company actually had to curtail marketing to keep up with it. Hershey acquired the Bubble Yum brand in 2000, and is responsible for one of the Gakeest flavors of gum - Hershey's Chocolate - yucko! My personal favorite Bubble Yum flavor is Original, followed by Cotton Candy as a close second.

Hubba Bubba is a Wrigly Brand - they offer bubble tape and "goop". Personally I don't find the bubble tape as satisfying as a nice soft plug of bubble gum, BUT, from a kid standpoint I can see the advantages of the tape - it can be rationed and made to last a long time....the "goop" is really not something that provides a pleasurable chewing experience - anything that goes from liquid to solid while you chew is a bit unnerving - don't you think?

My favorite Hubba Bubba flavor is Cherry lemonade. Hubba Bubba Max has the duo color gum, which is especially pleasing to the eye.

Bubblicious is produced by Cadbury Adams. Bubblicious packaging is the most eye catching and their gonzo grape flavor is vastly superior to other grape "imposters"

Bazooka and gumballs from a machine DO NOT COUNT this month! - anything that looses it's flavor within the first 30 seconds is kind of a waste of time (in my humble opinion!)

My most vivid bubble gum experience happened when I was about 13. My brother, Mom, Grandmother, and I were taking a Summer road trip from Northern California to Oregon for a family reunion. As usual, my brother and I had spent our pocket money at the first service station we stopped at - loading up on candy and of course, packs of gum. I was chewing grape Hubba Bubba - and for some reason had stuffed about five pieces into my mouth at the same time... we may have been having a gum-chewing or bubble blowing competition but I don't really remember.

I DO remember my jaw hurting as I chewed what, over time, had become a huge flavorless wad of gum. We were driving through Redding California when I finally decided to throw the wad out of the car window. I am sure you have guessed the result of that action by now, but the next time we stopped and got out we were all treated to a hideous mess. My huge gum wad had melted and stretched over the entire side of my Grandmothers white Vega - purple goo with road debris and bug parts stuck to it - it was disgusting!
Needless to say
Gum was outlawed for the rest of THAT trip!.

To participate in this Month's Candy Club Challenge

Post a comment about your favorite gum experience, flavor, or go out and try one of the BIG THREE and blow some big bu-bu- bu -bubbles!

Extra credit for those who have had to have chunks of gum cut out of their hair in the morning!

the prize this month is a Sweet B Lollipop Baby! -

Contest runs through the 18th of June!

In the meantime......Wanna See how Bubble Gum is made?

I specifically love the "extruder" part and the big bin where the gum is kneaded - luscious!

Chew your Gum, even if it's ABC gum!

- Sweet B


Candy Club Winner!

Sheryl Parsons is the winner of the Easter Candy Challenge.

Sheryl will be receiving one of my Sweet B Lollipop Babies as a prize!!

Sheryl has two great blogs - Simply Sheryl's and Mother's Dream Artworks!

I will be starting a new challenge in the next few days so do not despair another chance to win a free goodie is right around the corner!

Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart. ~Erma Bombeck

Sweet B


Skeleton Key Hunt!

At least not the Mysterious EHAG key!
Keep searching - the prizes are fabulous and there will be
to check out the prizes or to see the list of participating EHAG artitsts