Ehag Emporium Piece

My Halloween Tree Skirt has Sold!
Thank you for looking
please check back this month for the Candy Club, Pfatt Marketplace and Spookytime Jingles.
This is side One...
...and here is the other side, both sides have finished edges, so that you may choose which one you wish to adorn your Halloween Tree each year.
The Particulars:
This Skirt is 19" in Diameter
Canvas with a finish coat for flexibility and durability.
Vintage and new fabric trim.
Satin ribbon bows on both sides.
Side One depicts the 31 days of Halloween with 31 hand-painted images
Side Two has a geometric design - sort of a Halloween Flower if you will.
Price: $175 - free shipping for u.s. residents
Email me to purchase or with questions

the 31 images are: Skull, crescent moon, various candies (of course),Jack O Lanterns, witches broom, witches hat, witches shoe, witch, ghost, crystal ball, bat, cat, owl, rat, full moon, candle, candy apple, cauldron, spider, black crow, star, bon bon,"boo", and "trick or Treat".

A Few Announcements

The Candy Of the Month Club will be starting again on the 5th - with a surprising new challenge.

I will be having a "bake sale" in the coming months - check here frequently or become a follower of my blog for updates

Pfatt Marketplace on the 10th of Feb and Spookytime Jingles on the 13.... I have a wonderful new piece in the works for my Spookytime Jingles update... and yes, it involves candy!



vivian said...

wow Amelia! that tree skirt is very impressive! you are so talented! love it!

Jeanne said...

Double WOW! Wonderful! You've outdone yourself this time!

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

This Skirt is GORGEOUS B!!!


Valeriote Design said...

WOW B! What a beautiful and intricate piece. A lot of love and skillful handy work went into this skirt. You're on fire girl!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

B the skirt is absolutely over the top wonderful!!! Great piece for the debut!

Chicken Lips said...

Simply amazing! Love it!

Bonnie Jones said...

What a beautiful and creative skirt;both sides are wonderful.

Susie Pastor said...

You are something else girl! Such a creative mind you have. Thw skirt is fabulous. Not surprised i didnt last one. Wish that would rub off on me. LOL Keep up the great work.