Soiree Bound

Everyone here at the Sweet B Ranch is getting ready for
the Spookytime Jingles Soiree! Traveling with Lollipop-men can be a challenge , they don't sit still in their seats, they are very demanding and expect first class treatment - even when they are seated in coach, and they throw a fit if the security line wait is longer than 10 min! Needless to say - I have my work cut out for me this time!
The Soiree is in Titusville NJ

on Saturday the 16th of October
Click HERE for more details
If you can't make it to the Soiree -
you can always visit the whole Spookytime Gang for this month's update
New goodies update on Wed. the 13th


Len said...

I would personally say that those Lollipop-men are suffering from too much sugar...


They are ALL sugar aren't they.

Good luck getting there and have a great time in Titusville.

vivian said...

aww.. such "sweet" little candy men cant cause all that much trouble now, can they?
have a fun trip!

Jeanne said...

Maybe some 'sugar free' Lollipops are in order. They might make traveling a bit more pleasant.

Travel safe! And have fun!

sUz said...

my oh my b, you have been a busy girl! have a safe trip and enjoy the soiree!!! i'll miss meeting you and everyone else :(:(:( xOx, sUz :)
p.s. tell those primadonna lollipops to cork it :):)